How to Update your Bathroom

by Shaynna Blaze-Vaughan – Blankcanvas interiors

Creating interest and new life to your bathroom doesn’t have to be a $10,000 experience.  If you are happy with the layout of your existing bathroom simple changes can make a big difference.

To get the most from your money is to take the focus away from the big-itemed tired areas (tiles and bath) and onto the walls and accessories.  Nothing brightens more than a fresh coat of paint but stay away from stark white as this will make ‘greying’ areas look even more tired.

Instead choose an off white, such as Dulux Berkshire white to give a touch of warmth. As the general focus will be mostly at the basin, bathe this wall in a dramatic red such as Dulux Red Box and invest in a large gilt framed mirror.

You can have one custom made from you local framers from around $400- $600 depending on frame chosen and this can be incorporated into the new renovation or used elsewhere in the house at a later date.  Change tired and chipped tap handles to simple chrome or brass, Reece have their own brand Bastow and you can get away with spending two-three hundred dollars for a new, polished look.

Last of all focus on the pampering and purchase luxurious red bath sheets, handtowels and bath mats and hang white fluffy bathrobes on hooks near the mirror or to the side of the shower.  Finish this off with displaying handmade soaps of varying textures, shapes and sizes.  Est. soaps have beautiful virgin oil based soaps that are hand rolled and with fragrances such as organic lemon myrtle and orange, lemon lime and poppy seed and cinnamon and orange spice that will fill the air with enticing aromas.  Prices start at $5 for small balls, and $7.50 for larger rectangle blocks.



If you are willing to spend that little more, just by updating your basin will add a small transformation that will make visitors think you have done a whole renovation.  Look at the existing stye, be it modern or heritage, within the bathroom and build on that theme.  I have listed a few different styles to get you thinking.


A vessel bowl sits above the bench and can be like a piece of artwork rather than just a basin.  There a many artisans who carve bowls from marble and stone and moulded slump glass.  You can also have these in porcelain and ceramic to give a contemporary feel that makes a statement.



Moulded Basins

A bench and basin that flows into one is the ultimate of luxury and leaves less nooks and lines for water and soaps to get caught in.  In this picture, designed by Koia Architects in Auckland, features a translucent material from Marblo that is backlit at night which projects a soft opulent mood

marblo mounded basin

Under counter Basin

A basin that sits under the existing bench-top, with no sign of the basin rim, gives a sleek and smooth surface finish if you hate clutter.

Pedestal Basin

This style originally is known in period homes but more square-edged and contemporary designs are still being produced .  They are stylish and almost decadent in look but limits your storage space, so be aware of where you would store your daily bathroom items.  A separate shelf above or shelving hidden behind mirrors could be a solution if you don’t need to worry about bulky items.

Wall Basin

Good for small areas like a separate toilet with its own basin or if you are after a commercial looking basin this is the one for you.

Match your taps to suit your basin.

The most common type of taps are bench mounted but consider wall mounted if you are stretched for space.  Single mixers aren’t only for the kitchen can give a very modern touch to your basin.  Be aware the hight the hob, the higher the spout the more chance you will have of slash so if you have a shallow basin and a high spout you are pretty likely to get a full splash of water in your lap.

Whatever you are doing to update your bathroom being aware of your budget will give you the best indication of how far you can go.

Moulded basin by Marblo

Granite vessel basins from Neuendorf tiles

Est soaps are made in Auburn Rd Hawthorn in Melbourne, please contact them for stockists.

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