Interview: Justine Schofield

We first heard of Justine Schofield when she appeared on Channel 10’s Masterchef, and since then she has been sharing her passion for food with Australia.

With her own catering business and television series life is busy for Justine but she made some time to chat with Beauty and Lace in this recent interview:

How has your life changed since being on Masterchef?

Dramatically!! Since MasterChef I’ve been able to set up my own catering business which is my proudest accomplishment. And almost on par is to be given the opportunity to host my own TV show, Everyday Gourmet

Tell us a little bit about your show, Everyday Gourmet…

Everyday Gourmet is purely aimed at the home cook. I show the viewers that with a little bit of confidence in the kitchen, great meals can be created. From simple everyday dinners to delectable canapés, me and my wide range of guests including top chefs and food specialist show viewers how to get the best out of their kitchen.

How did this opportunity come about?

I was simply approached with the concept and I just couldn’t refuse! I loved the format of having me demonstrate my favourite dishes and to have chefs and food specialist! It was just too good to say no too!

If you could only eat one food for a whole month, what would it be?

Bread! The French in me could never give up bread!

Is healthy eating important to you?

Absolutely. But more importantly to me, eating wholefoods and less processed foods is essential!

You always look fresh faced, can you tell us about your beauty routine?

Thank you! I always take my make up off with face wipe and at the moment I use an Aesop facial cleansing oil with parsley seed. I love this as it gives my skin a real natural clean and less dry finish.

justine masterchef

You will be competing in the Sun-Herald City2Surf to help support the Leukaemia Foundation, how have you prepared for this?

For the past last few weeks I’ve been working with a trainer. I have never walked 14km in my LIFE, so I thought I better get into a routine and shape up a little. It’s also a great motivation for me to push myself a little further to support a fantastic foundation like the Leukaemia foundation.

What is one crazy thing we wouldn’t know about you?

I have to eat my fries with mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together! Just not the same without it!

Who are your favourite Aussie chefs right now?

Mark Best, Justin North and Colin Fassnidge

Do you think all the cooking shows and competitions on TV have made Australia change its attitude towards food?
Very much so. I think cooking at home was quite dormant there for a while. The trend was all about eating out and people saw cooking as a chore. After the first series of MC it ignited the fun in which you can have in the kitchen.

What are you having for tea tonight?

Easy dish tonight… braised lentils with some seared lamb loin. And of course a green salad to finish.

Have you always been passionate about food?

Always. I remember sitting on the kitchen bench watching mum cook at every opportunity. I still do!! I was just always fascinated in the creation of a dish with even the simplest of ingredients.

What do you feel has been your biggest career accomplishment so far?

Starting my own business, but to have my own show is truly something special, especially at this stage of my cooking career. I still have a lot to learn in the kitchen and my next aim is to get all the certification to be called chef and not just a cook!

What’s next for Justine Schofield?

I’ve just started my new blog on and building up the catering business. I am also loving the media side of my career too which is something I thought I would never be capable of doing, so hopefully more exciting to come!

What does being a woman mean to you?

Independent, strong and loving.

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