Archipelago Botanicals Limited Edition Expresso Soy Candle Travel Tin

Archipelago Botanicals is a company dedicated to helping busy modern people take a little time out to relax and unwind, turning houses into homes since 1998. They have created some absolutely divinely fragranced natural based relaxation products including soy candles, diffusers, fragrances and bath and body products.

The candles and fragrances of the Archipelago Botanicals brand use the purest essential oils and natural ingredients from around the world, making it easy to transform every house into a home.

The range of scents available is extremely diverse and there are a number of different collections; including the AB Home Collection, Archipelago Signature Candles, the Havana collection, the Loft Collection, the Botanico collection and the Excursion collection. All of which contain fragrances that do sound delicious.

expresso archipelago

The candle that wafted under my nose today comes from the Archipelago AB Home Collection and it had me drooling the moment I caught it’s scent. I was in love before I even had the lid off the tin! I want to burn it 24/7 and allow it’s heavenly aroma to insinuate itself through every room and corner of my home.

I know, I sound a little past infatuated – close to crossing the line into dark obsession but I can’t believe that something so good could possibly be bad for me. I am beginning to get a little carried away, it’s time to take a step back and be a little objective!

The candle on my desk, and under my nose, right now is the Archipelago Botanicals Limited Edition Expresso Soy Candle Travel Tin from the AB Home Collection. It is a soy blend candle from the Gourmand fragrance family and it is seriously scrumptious. The scent is deep and rich including notes of espresso and chocolate.

I have an Expresso Travel Tin which is 162g of more than 60% natural soy wax which will burn slower and cleaner. This tantalizing tin has an approximate burn time of 55 hours.

The scent is quite subtle though still strong enough to linger for hours after the candle is extinguished – which is great for me because I can make the candle last that much longer. I think I will still need to go out looking for the Expresso Diffuser though because I would love my house to smell this way constantly for months!

Get it from Kit – for $24.95

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