Oxfam fair. World Blend Organic Coffee

Oxfam is a not for profit organisation dedicated to fighting injustice and poverty around the world. As part of this mission they are inviting all of us to join the fight – and all we have to do to help is enjoy a great cup of Fairtrade coffee.

Who among us can honestly say that the idea of helping with world poverty by the choice of coffee you buy isn’t attractive?

Oxfam fair is certified Fairtrade, meaning that coffee farmers are paid fairly for their beans. They are also committed to worldwide sustainable development. Profits from Oxfam fair will help Oxfam fight poverty and injustice around the world.


If all of that isn’t enough for your social conscience to have you racing out to get some, let me tell you a little about the coffee.

Oxfam fair is made from 100% organic Arabica beans, roasted and packed in Australia. As fresh as it comes and geared specifically to Australian tastes. I can’t speak for everyone but the World Blend certainly satisfied my tastes.

Rich and creamy this coffee went down so smoothly I was really disappointed when I picked up my cup and discovered it was empty. It delivered an uplifting boost to my energy levels and my mood the way only a really good coffee can – all the while offering a lift to my soul and social conscience! You can’t ask for more than that.

Available in 5 distinct flavours, you will definitely find the  ideal coffee experience for your taste. All of the beans are organic and the flavours are available in 250g ground. East Timor and World Blend are also available in 250g beans and 1kg beans; World Blend is also available in a 1kg ground bag.

World Blend – a combination of premium Arabica beans from some of the best coffee producing region in the world. A delicate but rich flavour.

Africa  Blend – sweet floral flavours with a heavy chocolate kick. Well balanced and strong bodied for the ultra coffee experience. This sounds like my ultra ideal coffee experience and I think it’s one I definitely need to go and chase down.

East Timor – this single origin brew is sweet and lacking a bitter aftertaste, completed with a luscious creamy finish.

Ethiopia – light and bright with a floral citrus aftertaste. Another one that is tantalising my tastebuds just thinking about it.

Decaf – for those who want to avoid the caffeine hit but can’t resist a good coffee. 100% water processed Decaf from Peru is rich with a hint of sweetness.

These fantastic flavours are available at Oxfam shops Australia wide, the Oxfam shop online and selected Coles and Woolworths stores.

To find your nearest Oxfam shop, to shop online or for more information about the work Oxfam is doing around the world please visit: www.oxfam.org.au

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