The Constellations Project


The flooding in Queensland has touched us all with it’s ferocity and the devastation it has left in its wake. All of us have sat back and been thankful it wasn’t us and wished there was something more that we could do.

Wished that there was a way we could actually make things a little better for some of the people whose lives have been torn apart with their towns.

A dedicated group of people who felt that way very strongly decided that they were going to do something and they were going to make it count.

Initiated by photographer Tanya Love, The Constellations Project is supported by Australian businesses and aims for all proceeds to be funneled into rebuilding Grantham and the nearby towns.

There are many wonderful fundraising efforts going on around the country to assist those who have been affected by the floods and all of them are going to make a difference in the lives of Queenslanders.

The Constellations Project is trying something different and coming at it from a very different perspective. This project is looking to create a reminder  of the floods that will be far reaching and permanent, that will make January 10 2011  memorable. But not for the devastation and destruction to which we have all become accustomed. The Constellations Project wants to create a reminder of the strength, the courage and the love that has gone into the piecing back together of the land and the lives in the Lockyer Valley.

The Constellations Project is going to produce a 16-month calendar including photos taken by Tanya Love in the days following the floods.These photos tell inspiring stories of families and individuals cleaning up in the wake of the devastation, they will be a testament to the true Aussie spirit.

To make this project a success the organisers are still looking for more support to ensure that the residents of the Lockyer Valley receive all the support possible.

The areas still requiring support are advertising, corporate sponsorship and national distribution to make sure this calendar is made available in all major outlets across our wonderful country.

All of the proceeds from the calendar will go to flood affected families across the Lockyer Valley. This covers the townships of Grantham, Withcott, Helidon, Millmerran, Esk, Postman’s Ridge, Lowood and Murphy’s Creek.

Distribution of the funds generated by these calendars will be the responsibility of the Grantham Flood Support charity organisation where all of the funds will be directed.

Information about the inspirational Constellations Project can be found at:

All efforts on behalf of this project are going to help the survivors slowly resurrecting their lives in the Lockyer Valley. Also this project brings a new perspective and offers a new focus which can be a good thing. I know I am intrigued with the vision and can’t wait to see what Tanya Love has created with the photos in this calendar.

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