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Craig Seitam is the man behind popular Australian competition website, Competitions Guide. He is becoming well known for his expert tips and knowledge, and he took some time out to answer all our comping questions:

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when entering competitions?

The main mistakes involve people entering competitions that aren’t genuine. Anything involving credit card details, or verification of mobile phone numbers can lead to financial scams. Entrants should take a few minutes to look for obvious warning signs such as lack of terms and conditions or other details.

Do you need to be skilled to write a competition entry or is it a matter of luck?

My opinion is that it’s more about being honest. Entrants often go out of their way to be creative when there’s no need to. If a company asks you what they think of their product, give them real feedback (and mention their brand in your answer).

Promoters may sometimes specifically ask for a creative answer, but if they don’t, just answer the question without rhyming or being overly fluffy.

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Is winning about quality or quantity?

It can be quantity, if you have a lot of time. The rule of thumb is that the easier a competition is to enter, the harder it will be to win. Simple “enter your details” competitions attract thousands of entries, so your odds will be less. If a competition calls for a purchase, or something creative, you can bet your odds will be better.

What should we look out for in terms and conditions?

Firstly, make sure there are actually terms and conditions. Sounds silly, but it’s the least a promoter can do. Promoters should provide start and end dates, details and value of the prize, how the prize will be determined, and date and notification details of the draw.

I”m also quite sceptical of non-Australian competitions. Let’s face it, overseas promoters that don’t have something to sell you, don’t have a lot of reason for promoting a competition in this country. Other than to get your personal details.

How many personal details should I give promoters?

Unfortunately, with online entry, you need to give everything they ask for, or you won’t be able to enter the competition. I often advise promoters to lay off some of the questions that they don’t really need to know. Age ranges are fine, but specific date of birth is over the top.

Same goes for income, it’s nice to know, but it’s highly personal. I also don’t like entrants not having the option of providing a landline phone number.

What are the easiest competitions to win?

I have always liked the odds of winning purchase-to-enter competitions in some of the smaller chain stores. Woolworths and Coles get entries in the thousands, whereas competitions at IGA, Franklins, Priceline, and even BIG W give you a much better chance of a win.

Is there a secret to winning 25 words or less competitions?

Technically, there shouldn’t be, as words-or-less competitions should be judged individually on their merits. But, I always suggest including the brand or company name in case the judging criteria is using an automated search to look for answers including this.

I also suggest getting in early. Why would I say this? Try reading over 1,000 entries, and by the time you get to number 100 you’re pretty bored. If your entry is one of the first, it will have a better chance of standing out.

Tell us a bit about your website, Competitions Guide… lists over 300 Australian competitions, and most of them are free. Apart from being free to join, our point of difference is that we don’t only list competitions that we’ve been paid for. We try to include as much information about smart competition entering, so that our members have the best possible experience.

3 thoughts on “Competitions with Craig (Competitions Guide)

  1. Interesting but i have found that often times people who come up with the whitty rhymes for the 25 words or less comps usually win. Im not so good at that sort of thing.
    I cant help myself and always give honest answers.
    It depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes i find im being funny in my answers and other times im more serious.

    The thing i like about B & L is that often although im entering a competition and its fun to win im enjoying sharing my thoughts on differant topics. Like the Discussions…Ive never won for my my thoughts in any of those but i love taking part and sharing my thoughts and seeing what others have to say.

    Our greatest prize is that this site exsists…I love it here

  2. I joined competitons Guide few years ago now. Read about what to do and what not to do….and guess what……I am still to win anything. I also only enter what I think is good…I don’t enter if I don’t have any use of the prize. Honestly, I think it comes down to pure luck. On some current affair show they are always bringing back the same ladies that win all the time.
    I will always still enter competitions because hey, they are fun and maybe one day, I will get that call or letter to say ” you are a winner”.

    What I do love though is giving my opinions on all sorts of products, cause the word of mouth (or should I say writing) is such a powerful influence to inform others of your opinions. I also love just chatting in forums and just giving opinions and thoughts on subjects. I love to have fun with words and getting to chat with other people.

    Ditto with meedee loving it here, but I am sure you know that 🙂
    Now I’m off to tackle another competition on Competitions Guide, well that is….try 😉

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