The Seven Deadly Jelly Shots Part 2

Jelly traditionally is very much a dessert food, loved by millions of children worldwide. This creates a little bit of drama and possible upset if you have children around for the party. So to avoid this unnecesary drama –

The VIRGIN Jelly Shot

Make up your choice of jelly flavour and pour into shot glasses! You do need to remain vigilant if you make Virgin Jelly Shots to ensure they don’t get mixed up. A couple of tips to aid with this: Make sure you use a dedicated colour shot glass for the virgins that is different to the others.

For the experiments I have used clear glasses and the Virgins are in blue and orange glasses; use a jelly flavour that’s colour is very different to the rest of your shots or use a totally different type of tray to hold and transport them.


Okay, that really is it for me until I can get back later today or tomorrow to let you know how they went. They all look to have set and smell very appetising….. so I’ll be back real soon!!!

Here I am! And all I can say is that the Seven Deadly Jelly Shots were a raging success. They were tried by a variety of people of different age groups and genders. There were no “ohh that was disgusting’s ” so that’s always a good sign. A few “hmm not really for me but I don’t usually drink that anyway”, which is to be expected.

all together now

A quick rundown:

Vodka and Raspberry Jelly Shot – LOVED IT!!! Hit with everybody – 150ml was the perfect strength.

Black Sambuca Create a Jelly Shot – AWESOME! This one was my absolute favourite. Went down with the majority of taste testers but those that don’t usually drink it didn’t try it. Most of those who did thought it was amazing. 100ml was the perfect strength!

Kahlua and Cola Jelly Shot – LOVED IT! Another unanimous success. Personally I think it could be a little stronger but I think 150ml would be too strong. 125ml would probably be perfect but not as convenient.

Vanilla Galliano and Blue Heaven Jelly Shot – VERY POPULAR! 125ml was the perfect strength and they were the first to be finished!

Cointreau and Mango Jelly Shot – POPULAR! Another one that was popular pretty well across the board, the flavour combination was a hit. 100ml’s wasn’t quite enough Cointreau, next time would go to 125ml because 150ml would probably be that little bit too strong. It was suggested that these could also be made with Lime jelly.

Jack Daniel’s and Cola Jelly Shot – RESERVED APPROVAL, these shots could work but in this instance they were a little strong. They have been tried before with 125mls of Jack’s and were good. 150ml is just a little too much.

Midori and Pineapple Jelly Shot – VERY POPULAR! I am not a fan of melon but I do love pineapple and I loved these. 100mls was the perfect strength. They were pretty popular with all who tried them. It was discussed to try these again but as a Splice or an Illusion Jelly Shot.

One handy hint that I found made a HUGE difference – spray a light coating of canola oil into your shot glasses before you pour in the jelly. I did some with spray and some without, because I got so carried away I forgot, and the jelly comes out much easier with the spay!

Now go, experiment and enjoy!!! I know I did and I can’t wait to try all of the new ideas I have since thought of or had suggested.

Please drink responsibly.

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9 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Jelly Shots Part 2

  1. hmmmmm Thanks Michelle you have to put these out when the bottle shop is closed and I can’t get any alcohol…..but these are going to be on the list for the 18th birthday party in a couple of weeks lol…..look out everyone……

  2. Absolutely love love love your ideas! Here I was thinking all jelly shots must be made of vodka! I wish I had come across these ideas of yours earlier as I am heading to a party tomorrow and would like to do more than just vodka! Well done girl!

    1. Thanks Sylvia, they are certainly yummy and I will be making more for tomorrow night myself actually (even though Mr3 went to sleep and I didn’t get to the shop today. 🙁 )
      Last weekend I made some sunsets that were vodka and raspberry on the bottom and then vodka and orange on the top – well this week i’m going to do cointreau and orange on the top with the odka and raspberry… i can’t wait!

      1. I am in the kitchen as we speak trying out your Vanilla Galliano and Blue Heaven jelly invention! I did try a Triple Sec and Lime jelly yesterday as I didn’t have any Cointreau in the drinks cupboard.. Boyfriend pointed out that Triple Sec (White curucao) only has half the alcohol content of Cointreau, bummer as I had made them by that stage.
        You’ve turned me into a Jelly Shot Lover! They are just so creative and great to share!

        1. Yeah but the alcohol content isn’t really that important.

          I didn’t end up buying Cointreau but I am doing Sambuca ones again… they are SOOO good.
          But this time round I’m letting the boiled water cool to room temp before adding the alcohol – I think it’s going to give tghem more kick!

          So glad you like them – and really you are only limited by your imagination!

  3. love these ideas going to try vodka and raspberry, cointreau and mango, jacks and cola and midori and pineapple for my 30th in nov thankyou

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