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Here at Beauty and Lace, we have been testing a few products from Australian company The Ginger People, and the latest in the list is the new Arjuna Ginger Bar.

The Ginger People is a family-owned-and-operated company established in 1984 to promote the goodness of Ginger. The Ginger People is a company dedicated to natural and organic principles that support sustainability in growing, producing and community. They remain true to their original vision of increasing awareness of ginger for its health benefits and culinary versatility.

The new Arjuna Ginger Bar is a sweet treat of the better-for-you variety that is made with fresh organic ginger. In a confectionary first, it is sweetened using low-GI organic coconut sugar.

The Arjuna Bar is a rich and deeply satisfying treat that is handcrafted in East Java from organic ‘sparrow’ ginger grown on the slopes of the Arjuna volcano.

The Ginger People actively support the local cooperative of farmers who sustainably farm the organic ginger in The Arjuna Ginger Bar with a profit-share program known as Arjuna Share. The program guarantees a minimum price of 15% over commercial value, in line with Fairtrade guidelines, and also pays 1% of worldwide sales revenue from the product to the organic ginger farmers’ cooperative in East Java.

The Arjuna Ginger Bar is crafted by local artisans in East Java. It’s made with organic ‘sparrow’ ginger which is a variety unique to East Java that is delicate in size and intense in heat. The low-GI coconut sugar used to sweeten the bar is also grown in East Java.

RRP: $2.99 per 35g bar

The Arjuna Ginger Bar is stocked in leading independent supermarkets, health stores, and pharmacies nationwide.

For more information and stockist details visit

Thanks to The Ginger People 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are trialing the Arjuna Ginger Bar and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “User Review: Arjuna Ginger Bar

  1. I quite enjoyed the ginger bar for something different. It’s not what I would normally choose as a snack and found it had an aniseed type taste.

  2. I was so pleased to review the ‘the Ginger People Arjuna Organic Ginger Bar’ as I was so intrigued (being a big fan of ginger) how it would taste especially coated in ‘coconut sugar’.

    I would have to say the Arjuna bar’s packaging is quite unique in that it has lovely artwork and a lovely little synopsis on where the ginger bar is made and also who founded it. I thought this was a nice way to see how the bar has come about.

    This bar is quite unique in not only it’s appearance, but also it’s taste and texture. I am a big licorice fan, and I found this bar to be not unlike Dutch licorice in it’s feel/texture. It is a little chewy and does stick quite a lot to your teeth. The coconut sugar coating gives it that little bit of sweetness, but is not overpoweringly sweet. I think if you’re a fan of licorice, you will like the texture of this bar, and if you are a fan of ginger, you will definitely like this bar. The ginger is a gradual hit, in that it’s not an immediate hit of ‘spice’, but is once you get chewing a bit.

    I personally enjoyed the spice hit of ginger, it was a unique taste and texture that appealed to my taste buds, however when I gave my kids a bite and none were taken with it. I definitely think this bar is for a more mature palette.

    I can imagine if you were feeling a bit upset in the stomach, this little bar would be a good little treat to suck on, as due to it’s licorice like texture, it doesn’t dissolve quickly, it needs to be chewed/sucked.

    Organic, Gluten-free and vegan, it is a healthy little treat which I enjoyed very much and at $2.99 a bar, I think it’s price point is spot on.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review.

  3. As a ginger lover, this bar is right up my alley! Perfect snack size, handy size to tuck in your handbag or desk, delicious ginger taste without being too spicy. The price is a bit high for being a regular snack but it’s at the top of my treats list!

  4. Mmmm how Yum was that.

    It had that real moorish taste.
    But your taste buds received different flavours from the first bite to the end of the bar.

    Yum loved it

  5. I really liked the packaging, it was very attractive. I enjoyed the ginger bar, the taste of ginger was not as strong as I thought it would be, but the heat did build up slowly in my mouth. It really is quite a unique taste, a little similar to licorice. I found it to be a little chewy and it did stick to my teeth a little bit. As a ginger lover it is definitely something I would like to eat again.
    I congratulate the Arjuna Ginger Farmers’ Cooperative in helping the ginger farmers to preserve their agricultural heritage.
    Thank you to the Ginger People and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to taste and review this product.

  6. Loved this product!!!

    The packaging is beautiful and I loved how it told the story of the product, it’s history and the illustrations were just perfect, it had the look of a decadent product and made me feel special, like it was a real treat.

    I was interested to try the product as it was low GI as I have T2 Diabetes and I found it to be a great choice. Loved the taste and texture and my 7 year old son tried it as well and came back for more so I had to open the second bar straight away as I had to share.

    It offered the perfect ginger taste with a bit of heat at the end but loved it and will look for it in the shops and I am keen to try other The Ginger People’s products.

    Thank you The Ginger People and Beauty and Lace for letting me trial this delightful product, we loved it.

  7. Thank you B&L for the opportunity to review. As a lover of ginger I was looking forward to something a bit different. Sadly too different for me. I love the spice of ginger and am happy to eat freshly grated or crystallized for a spicy hit! However, I wasn’t a fan of the texture, chewiness or the after taste. I felt it resembled more an unusual aniseed flavour than the “fresh and crisp” ginger flavour I was hoping for. Beautiful packaging and a great idea but just not for me.

  8. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and The Ginger People for the opportunity to try and review this bar. The packaging and featured artwork was beautiful. The Ginger Bar itself was unfortunately too sticky for me to be a regular snack choice. I was also expecting a stronger ginger taste and felt that the coconut sugar (although a beautiful taste in itself) overpowered the ginger flavour. I would though buy this product specifically to enjoy on a flight as it took me quite awhile to “eat” and the ginger should settle my stomach or to include as part of a gift basket.

  9. The Arjuna Ginger Bar was not at all what I expected! The packaging was beautiful and the information about the Ginger Company inspiring. The bar was two individually wrapped portions. I was expecting a strong ginger flavour but instead it was a chewy aniseed flavour coated with coconut sugar. It had a pleasant spicy after taste. I think it would be a good after dinner treat

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