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Mosquito season seems to have begun early so I’m sure we are all looking out for that repellent that works, and doesn’t smell terrible.

The range of repellents is quite extensive but then you need to take into consideration the fragrances, the chemicals, the range, the safety and the efficiency.

Many of the repellents you buy in the supermarket contain harsh chemicals or smell terrible.

Natural remedies are regaining popularity, with many people wishing to lessen their impact on the environment as well as being much more aware of what they are coming into contact with.

Vanilla Mozi (available at Going Green Solutions)Β is a natural mozzie repellent cream handmade in Australia, without the assistance of machinery. It is a smooth and sweet smelling cream that is perfect for the whole family; sensitive skin, babies and eczema included.


Ingredients sound absolutely divine and include plant oils, shea butter, vanilla and spearmint essential oil. Raw Natural ingredients make up 97.5% of the product, the remainder of the ingredients are essential for shelf life and stability of the product.

Vanilla Mozi is available in 4 fantastic sizes.
Size: 100ml or 250ml pump, 20ml or 100ml tub
RRP: From $4.95-$36.95

Thanks to Going Green Solutions 40 of our Beauty and Lace members will be reviewing a 20ml tub of Vanilla Mozi and you can read what they thought in the comments below. Personally, I can’t wait to find out what they thought.

Vanilla Mozi and a huge range of other green options for everyday life can be found for sale at Going Green Solutions.

68 thoughts on “User Review: Vanilla Mozi

    1. Well no I won’t be unfortunately, the envelope was sealed but no sample inside very disappointed have emailed Michelle and let her know I am unable to review this product

      1. Hello Deborah,
        I am so sorry the Vanilla Mozi was missing from your package, and just when you needed it for your camping trip too! πŸ™
        I’ve been away on holiday myself so sorry for the late reply; I’ll post you a new tub and would love to hear your thoughts.
        Cheers, Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

  1. Received mine today but package had been opened and product wasn’t in there πŸ™ I’d say it has fallen out maybe .

      1. Hi Michelle. When I got the mail he said it was open when they received it , So he wasn’t sure if it opened during transit or what happened.

        1. Dear Nikki,
          I’m so sorry the Vanilla Mozi had fallen out….I’ll post you a new one πŸ™‚
          Also sorry for the delay in replying; I was away for the school hols.
          Cheers, Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

  2. Received my package all sealed. The texture of the cream is perfect for outdoors and Summer. No greasy residue and dissolves very easily and quickly. The smell is extremely pleasant and very suttle. I would definitely recommend this for those who dislike insect repellants and I will definitely be using it when the bugs start with the warmer weather.

  3. Thank you to Beauty and Lace for letting me trial Vanilla Mozi. I am very prone to mosquito bites so I was very eager to try this product.

    I love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in it
    . It is pleasant smelling and very easily absorbed by the skin. I must admit I did not get any mosquito bites the night I tried it.

    It is a wonderful Australian product and I would highly recommend it.

  4. Most days I take my baby for a walk to get him to sleep, my favourite walking area has a few lakes and the mozzies are relentless! Yesterday my parcel arrived and I did a patch test on him to make sure he wouldn’t react (he didn’t). I just got home from our walk along our favourite walking track and not one bite! I used it on my legs and I used it on his feet (He doesn’t wear socks…it’s so frustrating). I wasn’t game to use it on his face since he’s so tiny.
    This products smells sooooo good. The texture divine and glides over skin nicely. Such a better product than the usual repellents plus I feel good using it on my children. This is a must have on our next camping trip!

  5. Thanks so much for letting us trial this. My daughter is allergic to mosquito bites so we are really desperate to find really good mozzi repellents. We’ve found it hard to find anything that my daughter will actually like because they do usually have strong smells that she doesn’t like. This Vanilla Mozi is the first she didn’t turn up her nose to. It’s easy to apply and not too greasy either. It smells so good too because it smells like vanilla. It’s been so wet in Melbourne recently so the mozzi’s haven’t really appeared yet. But it will only now take a few nice sunny days and they will be jumping out at us. So I can’t really say much about it’s effectiveness yet, but it already has the tick of approval in scent from my daughter.

    Once the mozzi’s are out I will post again with an update on whether they still bite her or not

    1. Hello Joanne, glad you like the smell and texture – I love it too! We’d love to hear if you’ve had the chance to test it out yet, and any feedback you have?
      Cheers, Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

      1. We’ve now tested it over the summer, it’s brilliant!!! We’ve only gotten one mosquito bite. It’s also brilliant because it’s so much easier for my daughter to apply when at school too (she’s in Preps)

  6. Well I got my Vanilla Mozi, a few days ago and yes I would recommend it, I was in bed and a mosquito, bite my foot that’s when I remembered the Vanilla Mozi I had received that day and thought I would give it ago while the mosquito’s where having a feed on me, well it worked a treat and smelt divine.
    Easy to apply smells great and it works.

  7. My husband is ‘royalty’ at least that what he tells me (and he’s got the long second toe on each foot to prove it!) and the mozzies love his royal blood. My daughter also has the royal blood, but my 2 sons and I just have regular ‘plebe’ blood and the mozzies only occasionally go for us. I tell my husband that there has to be a down side to being royal! Anyway, we’ve all tried the Vanilla Mozi. Amazingly, we all liked the smell – even the fussy child – and I liked that it wasn’t greasy to apply as I loathe greasy feeling creams like sunscreen. The mozzies didn’t come near any of us, which my husband has declared a miracle (and is thinking of calling a Public Holiday for all of Australia to celebrate Vanilla Mozi). I’m so impressed and will definitely be purchasing this in the future!

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for another fantastic review >:o)

    1. SO happy to hear that the Vanilla Mozi works for Royal Blood as well :-), that is certainly worth celebrating!
      Thanks heaps for all trying it and for your awesome feedback.
      Cheers, Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

  8. Thank you to Beauty & Lace and the guys at Going Green Solutions for the chance to trial & review Vanilla Mozi Mosquito Repellent.
    I was excited to try this. We have mosquitos in our home most of the year round and they are huge….I seriously believe they’ve travelled here from the Jurassic Era.
    I don’t usually suffer from mosquito bites, unlike my daughter who gets ravaged by the little buggers and is left all red & splotchy from head to toe and cannot sleep due to the itch. The only way mosquitos usually bother me is in bed as I’m trying to sleep and the buzz around my ears non-stop. And I always put up with them because I find mosquito repellent products just too overpowering with chemical smell, to be able to use indoors.
    This amazing mozzie repellent is an all natural product, which in itself is a winner….but then you take a big sniff of the cream, expecting a similar scent to other repellents and you are happily shocked…the scent of this is heavenly…it reminds me of a lemon tarte with a hint of vanilla…I would happily bathe in this.
    The cream is white and looks like a moisturiser and feels like one also. It is quite moisturising on the skin, while also protecting from the dreaded mozzie. And leaving me smelling very good.
    I wish the tub I received was a lot larger because we have none left now. My daughter has been using it before bed and so have I. My daughter hasn’t had a mosquito bite all week and she only applied the cream directly before bed and as she was asleep, she obviously sis not get to re-apply every 2 hours, but it protected her all night. I didn’t use as much as the mozzies don’t seem to like my blood as much as my daughters. But I applied the cream on my ears and around my neck & chin….and I swear, I have not been kept awake by a mosquito since using this.
    My only negative with this product, is the price. There’s no way I could afford to keep stocked up on this. Which is very unfortunate as it is the best mosquito repellent I’ve used.

    1. Dear Juanita, we are really pleased you love the Vanilla Mozi, and that it worked so well for your little one. I wish the price were no obstacle (having said that, I completely get budgeting with a family!); it’s made in Australia with beautiful high quality ingredients which like always, makes it hard to compete price wise with imported/mass manufactured products. I am wishing for you that you receive an unexpected windfall so you can stock yourself up for the summer!!
      Cheers, Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

  9. Being a mosquito magnet I was eager to try something new. I wasn’t disappointed. Vanilla Mozilla is amazing. Not only does it smell good, definitely not like you are wearing any sort of repellant, but it actually works.
    It is easy to apply and not greasy at all. The thing I love most is that it comes in a 20 ml size container that you can easily slip into your handbag. Just like your lipstick it can go with you anywhere.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for introducing me to such a great product.

  10. Got to trial this over the weekend at a bbq where mozzies are often around in the evenings! Friends of ours put on some smelly repellent and hubby and I applied some Vanilla Mozi hoping we would survive the attacks to come!!
    Not only did we survive, but we smelt damn good too!!! Will certainly be buying this again! Not oily when applied and none of that horrid smell that the regular repellents have! Very happy!

  11. Vanilla Mozi is on my list to purchase! I walk each evening and in the past few days have applied it before I go out. I love the vanilla, not overpowering to the nose but great for keeping those pesky mozzies at bay. Nice and creamy and blends into my skin well. Not sticky nor leaving a residue like others do. I am impressed and love that it is a local product too!
    Happy summer!

    1. Hello Denise, thanks for the wonderful feedback on the Vanilla Mozi, we appreciate it! We love that it is locally made too.
      Cheers, Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

  12. Vanilla Mozi

    We have an old water tank in our back yard that is a total mosquito breeding ground

    This product is simply amazing! I applied it before doing some gardening near the tank and I saw the monstrously huge mosquitos flying about but none (for once) came near me!

    The cream glides on smoothly and leaves no greasy or sticky residue. When you have the choice between something that smells like a holiday or chemical ridden repellant which would you choose?

    1. Hi Christy, thanks for the awesome feedback – your experience is the exact same as a friend of ours with a similar tank in her backyard….she said she could stand and watch the mozzies flying around but not one landed on her!
      So Great o hear you like it
      Cheers, Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

  13. Wow, what a product. I’m a mosquito magnet and regularly sport extremely large bites in the warmer months. I’ve tried most repellents on the market and have found that the most effective generally have really pungent smells.
    Vanilla Mozi is a game changer. It smells like beautiful moisturiser. I couldn’t believe it was repellent and whilst loving the smell was skeptical about its effectiveness.
    Whilst out gardening on the weekend I noticed the mozzoes starting to come out so I quickly applied vanilla Mozi and had no bites as a result (unlike my poor toddler).
    Highly recommended

  14. My sample of Vanilla Mozi arrived today! I live in tropical far north qld and there any bugs that try to bite you as soon as you’re out the door. So I was very much looking forward to trying out a natural and deet free mosquito repellant.

    I received a tub of the product and could smell the vanilla and shea butter combination before I even opened it. I was surprised how it instantly absorbed into the skin and made it feel super soft. The scent is pleasant and not over bearing as I have found with other mosquito repellents.

    Tried it out on my arms and legs while I was out gardening this afternoon, a time when there are usually plenty of mozis around.

    I was surprised to not get one bite! And that is very unusual for me.

    Overall I am very impressed with this natural product and am still enjoying the after effect of the cream, which feels much more like a moisturiser! I’d purchase this product again! πŸ™‚

  15. Love my little pot of Vanilla Mozi arrived here safe & sound was instantly grabbed up By Hubby on his way to the garden.
    Latest report from said Hubby it’s a hit smells great & no mozzie bites.

    I also tried sample found it very easy to apply non greasy no bites but wonderful aroma of Vanilla & no chemicals bonus!

  16. Thanks for sending me my sample of Vanilla Mozi. After alot of wet weather lately its taken me a while to get a chance to try it out properly but i was lucky enough on the weekend and believe me with the water thats lying around lately, the mosquitos were out! So away i went. I put in on all my family young and old and i wasnt disappointed. It was very easy to apply. Non greasy and a little goes a long way so the small 20ml containers are great to throw in your pocket or bag for those just in case moments.
    Not only did it smell so much better that the normal insect repellant that u buy, i believe it works better too ☺

  17. I love to spend time outside with my two dogs, throwing the ball in the garden or going for a walk. Unfortunately I seem to be like many others who have posted, a magnet for mosquitoes. So when I do get out it lasts only a few minutes, much to the dismay for both myself and my dogs. Using the other products on the market is not ideal as many are citronella based and so the dogs are less keen to spend time with me as they don’t like citronella. Vanilla Mozi was AMAZING!!! It’s smell is delicious (almost good enough to eat) and so was a pleasure to both me and the dogs. Whats better is that it kept the mozzies at bay. We had a whole half an hour each day to throw the ball!!
    I also took it to my family dinner, insisting even though it was cool, we sit outside. My sister is a bigger mozzie magnet than me and it worked for her too.
    Vanilla Mozi smells pleasant, goes on nicely and does not have that greasy after effect of some other products. What is even better is that it is an environmentally friendly product. Something many of us now seek.
    THANKS for a Great Product!!

  18. I love the scent of Vanilla Mozi. You’d never guess you were wearing insect repellent.
    It was just like applying skin cream. A lovely texture and non greasy. I didn’t attract any insects around me, so it worked for me. I’m definitely going to buy more of this.

  19. Really loved the beautiful vanilla/ peppermint smell of the vanilla mozi, Especially the kids who normally hate the smell of mosquito repellent due to the smell just loved this product. Another big plus was that it had no greasy icky sticky after feel on the skin after applying. We went on a short trip to the countryside and were completely protected from the mosquitoes. Was amazed because the repellent we usually buy contains upto 40% of deet whereas this was all natural.
    Overall was an amazing product and will certainly be a must pack product for all our outdoor adventures in the future!

  20. because of the floods we have had there is an abundance of mozies out i found the vanilla mozi, work well for at least 3hrs before having to reapply

  21. I was so thrilled to be chosen to review ‘Vanilla Mozi’ as living in a sub-tropical climate, mosquitoes are a fact of life! This product had me at first ‘smell! Upon opening the lid, couldn’t get over how divine the scent was, it did not have the ‘chemical’ smell other known repellent brands and wearing this felt like you had a lovely body cream scent on. I tested this product on all four of kids at dusk whilst playing.

    Usually applying repellent would be met with groans, but no such thing with this product. All kids remarked at how much they too loved the scent! They felt like they were wearing perfume. The ease in which the cream applied to the skin was awesome, it literally glided across the skin and made applying it quick and easy which is great for kids eager to play! Not greasy at all, just a pleasant and smooth consistency. As a repellent it was very effective for about 3-4 hours, none of the kids were bitten at all with it on. I also found it very effective as a calming solution for previous mozzie bites an -itch cream.

    We loved this product, it repels, gives peace of mind from nasty chemicals and smells divine! I highly recommend it and will be purchasing some more. Thank you the opportunity to review.

  22. My little boy and i are very prone to mosquito bites, but we hate using stuff that smell chemical like and feel weird on the skin. Thank goodness for Vanilla Mozi, this product glides on our skin, smells divine and bonus, keeps the mozies away. My little boy has sensitive skin, and this lovely natural product does not affect his skin at all.
    I love that this is an Australian made product and that it really works, especially having a yummy vanilla scent.
    I will be re-purchasing this product and also telling friends and family about it.
    Thank you for the opportunity to test this product.

    1. Hello Jennifer, Thanks for your feedback and we are particularly happy to hear that your little boy could use it no problems, even with sensitive skin. Awesome πŸ™‚
      Lucinda from Going Green Solutions

  23. Very very impressed with Vanilla Mozzi.
    Being someone who is highly allergic to mosquito bites I was very excited to try this product.
    I received my sample and applied it to my arms and hands and set out to use myself as a human offering to the mozzies in my garden where I love to sit but haven’t been doing so because of these blook sucking critters. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of this product and it goes on beautifully and best of all I didn’t have any bites.
    I will definitely be purchasing some more of this product for the Summer months so I can actually sit outside in the evenings .

  24. Really excited to be part of this trial as i suffer badly from mozzie bites! I liked the smell and texture of the mozi cream, it went onto my skin so smoothly and absorbed well, non greasy and smelt nice.
    I was outside on disk when I was trialling it and happy to say I was not bites by any nasties.. I loved Vanilla Mozi, and have already recommended to my friends.

  25. Really pleasantly surprised no chemical smell and no uncomfortable sensation on my skin. Fabulous for my always outdoors family who must look like a buffet to mozzies. Will def buy in future and recommend most highly to any other outdoorsy family like mine

  26. Unfortunately Perth has had a very delayed start to spring, so there hasn’t been much opportunity to enjoy the mozzie-infested outdoors just yet! However, I can confidently review the Vanilla Mozi products as I’ve been using them for several years and am a massive fan! I regularly travel to the tropical Kimberleys for work and the mozzies up there can take an arm off (honestly, I’ve received several bites through thick denim jeans!). I used to lather myself with high DEET stinky repellent that would leave me coughing, spluttering and gasping for air. I hated having to douse myself with such highly concentrated chemicals. My mum saw the Vanilla Mozi products in Darwin and brought some back for me – I’ve been hooked ever since. For the last few Kimberley trips I have travelled with Vanilla Mozi and it has been wonderful – I simply apply to all exposed skin, and enjoy mozi-free time with gorgeous smelling and nicely moisturised skin, it’s a dream! I also tested Vanilla Mozi on a recent trip to Vietnam and Thailand and enjoyed the same mozi-free experience there. I also love their candle repellent products, which I always have on my balcony. Thank you for this gorgeous and effective product.

  27. Living in the tropics, mozzies are a fact of life year round. They are mean, and a health hazard, so I am always looking out for something to deter them
    The first thing I noticed when opening the Vanilla Mozi jar was the heavenly smell. The spearmint is lovely and refreshing. This has a texture much like a body butter, but is not heavy on your skin
    The cream rubbed in well, and was absorbed completely. Not a lot of mosquitoes around this time of year, but I noticed I only got bitten on my feet, where I hadn’t applied the Vanilla Mozi
    Will definitely use this again, and keen to check out the other products in the range

  28. Thank you so much for allowing me the chance to trial this product. I just loved it! The product was gorgeous to smell (sweet vanilla – divine!) and gorgeous to apply (soft, creamy and absorbed quickly with no residue), plus it actually had a lovely minty smell after applying so it was lovely to the senses. I was so curious to see how it would work and delayed my review until I had to head up to my parents for our annual bonfire night. It has become the family joke about how I am everyones mozzie repellent because they love me so much so it was with great satisfaction to find it worked! It was so wonderful to be able to apply a product that smelt so good, had no nasties, is kind to the environment and it simply worked. Am so excited for summer bbqs to get started now! Thank you again!

    1. Sorry, I also forgot to say how pleased I was to know this is an Aussie product as well. Always want to support Aussie companies so it just makes this product even more appealing!

  29. First of thank you so very much for sending a replacement product,
    Was really keen to try this mozzie repellant as mosquitos love me so much, the smell was so beautiful unlike other repellents i use, was easy to apply rubbed into my skin and did not leave a greasy feeling
    The most important issue is that it actually worked and the kids never carried on when I applied it to their arms and legs
    Also no harsh chemicals is a big bonus
    I will definitely be purchasing
    I would also highly recommend this mozzie repellent

  30. I haven’t really had an opportunity to try the Vanilla Mozi yet, as we haven’t been anywhere with mozzies. I absolutely LOVE the scent though and it glides on beautifully. I almost want to use it just as a lotion!

    I’ll leave another review when I get a chance to test it properly πŸ™‚

  31. The best product ever!!! It’s easy to apply keeps the mozzies away and I don’t smell like a toxic dump! ( like other products)
    Fantastic product I love it!!

  32. This goes on like a luxury moisturiser – heavenly scented and easy to spread. I love that it’s safe to use on my children and I found it not only repelled mozzies but also kept buzzing flies away too. I was floating in the pool and being annoyed by some flies so I put this on and kept floating away – happier than before because the flies stopped wanting to land on me!

    My daughter was floating and she was then being annoyed by flies so she put it on all over her and she found it worked for her too.

    I will get some more of this in the full size and keep this sample for my handbag which I expect will come in handy when out and about.

    It is a white creamy formula.

  33. Vanilla Mozzie is so good we have googled locations to buy it.
    Sorry for the delay in replying with out compliments but it took time to go outside to be attacked by them.

    Very great product and a pleasure to use it.

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