Tilley Limited Edition Black Orchid Range (Win It!)

Tilley has released a beautiful duo of Black Orchid sensations just in time for Mother’s Day. This includes a 300g triple scented soy candle, and an aromatic reed diffuser, both elegantly packaged with a splash of purple, white, and a touch of gold.

Tilley products are made in Australia, and they may look good but they smell even better. The black orchid scent is a little bit sweet without being overpowering. It reminds me a bit of that clean, fresh powder smell with a floral and spice twist.

The candle itself is a pale purple and sits inside a white glass jar. It is made from premium vegetable wax and has a double wick, and your home will smell divine as this creates a unique ambiance.

The reed diffuser is a safe way to have your home scented without the risk of fire. The rattan reeds are black and sit inside a classic white jar which will suit any home decor. This will last up to 6 months, but they do need to be rotated on a weekly basis.

Two products which are cleverly packaged and ready to gift, and will complement any home or office. Even better, they won’t break the bank with the candle coming in at RRP $29.95 and the reed diffuser at $24.95. There is free standard postage when you spend over $50, making this duo the perfect choice for any occasion. Shop these, and a range of other products online at Tilley Soaps

Guess, what? We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win this Tilley gift set featuring 1 x Black Orchid Candle and 1 x Black Orchid Reed Diffuser.

For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below why this new fragrance range from Tilley appeals to you.

Competition closes 08/06/18 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

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– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
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112 thoughts on “Tilley Limited Edition Black Orchid Range (Win It!)

  1. Black orchid sounds like an exotic scent, not overbearing and would scent a room nicely, I’m always up for a new scent for my house!

    1. adore Orchids of any kind, this perfume sounds as beautiful as the real thing. I would love to have it in my home.

  2. Black orchid sounds wonderful it would smell wonderful while I’m sitting by the fireplace reading on my one day of. Sounds heavenly

  3. My Dad lives in Thailand as my Mum has passed away I try to visit him once a year. These fragrances will be an everyday reminder of beautiful Thailand.
    I was a single Mum and my son is now an adult who lives in another state and as I do not get along with his wife, Mothers Day is not usually a happy day for me.
    I would love to win this.

  4. I would love to win The Tilley Gift Set, using both products in my house will make it smell “delicious” and they are also a beautiful looking products.

  5. This is One in a million, a hundred per Scent perfect for me, feminine, soft and seductive and a little bit special. Move over the LBD, here comes the LBO-h baby!

  6. Black Orchid fragrance sounds sensual & relaxing just right for that night without the children

  7. Black Orchid Seems like a way I could get the smell of something wonderful wafting in my house for all to enjoy. Bringing back memories of my childhood.

  8. I recently bought cheaper diffusers and they are nearly out already, so silly! If these last 6 months or even less I’d be mad not to want one from Tilley

  9. There is something about Black Orchid that I adore. It’s mysterious bewilders me, the scent better than a bargain in a department store. Tilley provides such divine enriching soaps. But this pack would provide this Mum with such imaginative hope.

  10. I would dearly love this set. Mum passed away after a 7yr battle with cancer a few years ago. One of her prides in life was her Orchid plants and every year when the first one would flower she would pick the flower and give it to my Grandmother who was always delighted. When ever i see Orchids it reminds me of both Mum and Gran. Im sure each time I burnt this candle I would think of them both.

  11. Tilley blacks orchid appeals to me because it is stylish and the beautiful aroma would lift my home to the next level of elegance.

  12. I’ve not heard of Black Orchid before so I can’t wait to try it, it sounds like it would be exotic and orchids always smell so beautiful I just love them.

  13. I am sure the black orchid would smell beautiful and I have just the room I would love to display the candle and diffuser in

  14. My Mum would LOVE this. Her all time favourite flowers are orchids…..you can tell by all the pots on her decking

  15. Black Orchid sounds like a subtle, musky floral that would be the perfect home scent as we head into the cooler months. I’d love to try it.

  16. The Black Orchid sounds very sensational. It’s unreal. My imagination soar to something mystical and spices aroma deep in the forest.

  17. An elegantly exotic presented package and with the smell of fresh powder with a floral and spice twist sounds divine! Love a reed diffuser as it is so safe with little ones around and the candle will be perfect for my time at bed time.

  18. I’d love to try the black orchid scent, it sounds like it would be a nice change to the norm and be a lovely addition to any room

  19. Black orchid is affluent, luxurious and mysterious. A beautiful sweet floral smell with a hint of spice to wow my senses! As an added bonus, the classic white glass jar for the soy candle and elegant white bottle and black reeds for the diffuser will compliment my interior.

  20. The smell of orchids is so evocative for me 🙂
    My mum was a horticulturist and her favourite flower was an orchid. She used to propagate orchids- all kinds of orchids- we had them everywhere!
    My fondest memory growing up was the beautiful scent of orchid wafting through and around the house….
    Having orchids wafting through my very own home now would truly be a nostalgic delight!

  21. Black Orchid sounds like a real beauty and id love to have that smell floating around my p-lace

  22. Tilley Black Orchid sounds exotic and luxurious. I love a little exotic luxury in my home, the floral spicy perfume wafting around my home will entice the senses.

  23. its such a sweet aroma that will be sure to cover the smell of whatever died up my dogs behind……

  24. This diffuser looks amazing. It will be perfect for my mum. My mum loves special fragrances like this.

  25. Tilley Black Orchid candle and diffuser would be perfect for my mum – “Sweet with a floral and spicy twist” – sounds happy and fresh, like a day out in the sun.

  26. Black Orchid sounds very exotic, I’m not sure I’ve smelt it before? I love the design and colours used, it would look fab in my house 🙂

  27. Wow these look so classy and would look the bomb in my bathroom reno. Not finished yet but I do have shelves!!

  28. I am very curious as to what Black Orchid smells like. The Tilley gift set looks, and sounds, like something I would absolutely love to receive as a gift.

  29. My mum used to grow the best orchids but sadly, I didn’t inherit that gift so these days anything I see that has orchid in it, it does remind me of my gorgeous mum. Plus I love anything that is purple. Tilley looks like another site that I will definitey visit also.

  30. Tilley, “Always Australian”, love it.
    To come home from a long day at work and be met with the sensuous fragrance of Black Orchid,
    wow, the ultimate way to unwind and relax, something that I definitely need.

  31. Mmmm Black Orchid sounds just like the dark side of my personality. Deliciously scented with an undertone of mystery. Yes please!

  32. Black orchids are a Devine subtle scent that doesn’t overwhelm but is settling. These look amazing as well as sounding like they smell Devine. Perfect mother’s day gift

  33. Oh this sounds like the perfect gift for my mum! The description encompasses everything about her. Just a little bit sweet, always clean and fresh and that cheeky touch of spice makes up my beautiful mum.

  34. Black Orchid sounds so exotic and entirely exquisite….. which is so very far removed from how I feel right now! So if it can influence my feelings and mood, I’d love to try it!

  35. I just LOVE the sound of Black Orchid and adore lovely in home fragranced items. Mum’s best friend wanted to give her a huge pot of orchids but it wasn’t practical for Mum so it was given to me, with their blessings. Each time I see orchids I think of them both. These orchids are almost ready to flower again, now in 3 large pots. They hold very special memories of two beautiful women, my Mum and her lovely friend.

  36. Orchids are my favourite flowers and Black Orchid sounds mystical, spiritual, magical and enchanting! I simply adore exotic mesmerizing aromas around my home, especially while I’m practicing meditation and yoga and I would be absolutely thrilled to win this fabulous giveaway and share it with my darling lovely beautiful sister Marta ☺

  37. Black Orchid scent sounds heavenly and would be the prefect antedote to remedy my home of sweaty footy boots and kiddy smells!

  38. Being a Mum is hectic, often chaotic;
    Black Orchid is glam, a fragrance exotic!
    A diffuser and a gorgeous candle of wax;
    Will linger when I finally get to relax!

  39. Defying time, space and reality Tilley’s Black Orchid Limited Edition fragrance would transport me to a sweet, candied heaven reminiscent of a sophisticated, feminine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dream through its sweet floral fragrance with a touch of powdery spice.

  40. Black Orchid conjures up images of dark, foggy nights, secret lovers and romantic interludes! Totally opposite of my life, I can only dream!

  41. So when I was a teenager and rebelling against my mother, she bought me some orchids as like an olive branch, and the card said “to my orchid (awkward) daughter, I love you”. Orchids have been my favourite flower ever since, and a joke I can still share with my beautiful mother.

  42. I like light floral fragrances, but so many products can just be too heavy – your description makes this sound just perfect. And black orchid is a bit unusual, isn’t it? I like things that aren’t run of the mill.

  43. I love all scents floral and Black Orchid sounds very exotic and like something I need in my house right now!

  44. The packaging of this product is so elegant! I would love to win this set as the black orchid scent is very intriguing to me. I am sure it would smell gorgeous in a candle and reed diffuser. This is definitely an exciting new scent from Tilley.

  45. My mum has vision impairment and I try to find products that she can use that will enhance her experience of life through other means. Smell is such an important sense and is so strong with recalling memories that I think this would be perfect for her to enjoy.

  46. It’s sounds like a fantastic scent made for special lady I’ll be that special lady

  47. Black Orchid sounds like a beautfil, sensual scent, the perfect thing for a pregnant Mumma to relax to! I love Tilley products, how delicately packaged they are and how luxurious they smell.

  48. With a newborn is my home it is safety on the mind all day, so this scented beauty fits the home requirements in every way.

  49. When it comes to orchids, I have a black thumb. Now, I can enjoy the heavenly scent of an orchid, without fear of it becoming black.

  50. I grow orchids so if the Tilley Black Orchid scent is as nice as some of my perfumed orchids then I’m going to love it! I’m not one for over the top florals either so the way you described Black Orchid sounds like it’s something I’d like too!

  51. With scents that sound like they’d transport me to another world and a style that would make my living space look luxe, Tilley really knows how to make it’s customers feel special!

  52. love the sound of black orchid and think the smell would be devine would sure like these beauties in my home

  53. Black Orchid is a wild, deep, and rich monster that unashamedly announces itself to the world. This scent smells much higher quality than a lot of niche fragrances and has outstanding longevity to make your home smell divine!

  54. I love filling our home frequently with a different scent, so our noses don’t become desensitized to the same old smell, leaving us wondering if it’s still working. Why should only visitors to our home notice how good it smells, we should (and do) get to enjoy it too.

  55. It sounds like it smells fresh, sweet and divine all in one go. Really luxurious and exotic sounding and the name makes me feel like holidays.

  56. Orchids are incredible as their beauty is long lasting, allowing us to enjoy them for longer. Now we can have eternally lovely smelling houses too!

  57. This sounds exotic and luxurious! My partner is current on bed-rest and this would be an uplifting and inviting scent for our bedroom

  58. Lo ve candles and diffusers, I think scent changes the mood of a room, and certainly my mood and the description of these items sounds absolutely delicious.

  59. I love light floral and feminine fragrances, so Black orchids would make a gorgeous and much enjoyed scent to give my home

  60. The magic descriptive words of Tilley’s Limited Edition Black Orchid that appeal to me are “not overpowering”.

  61. I love the range of Tilley Products for their quality and long lasting fragrances and I am sure that Black Orchid will be an amazing new fragrance. Yes Please I would love to try some!

  62. As soon as I read the scent of Black Orchid is sweet I was interested, but then spicy twist was mentioned and that got my full attention as I just love the smell of any spice.

  63. Reeds are a much safer way to have a gorgeous scent wafting through the house and Black Orchid sounds exquisite!

  64. I’ve not had many last,
    The scent gone just to fast;
    The Tilley Limited Edition Black Orchid Range is great,
    Bad odours they eliminate.
    Perfect for our home décor,
    I’d definitely be buying more.

  65. Dark, opulent and magical; my attraction is always more intense when there is mystery involved! An essence this scent captures perfectly!

  66. Black orchid sounds exotic and sensual, I love the packaging and I think it’d appeal to hubby too. It sounds as though it’s not overpowering but a subtle sweet scent. I live in a house with hubby & our 3 sons: so something they won’t whinge about but that still smells gorgeous would be well received in my household! 🙂

  67. Sounds so lovely fresh and fragrant , just perfect for a reminder of spring going into the depths of winter.

  68. What an exotic blend to have filling my home! As a Mum of 3 boys I’m always looking for ways of freshening up the house!

  69. Everyone is looking for a different scent instead of the normal rose or lavender so this sounds so interesting!

  70. Black Orchid sounds like a lovely and luxurious floral scent. It’s sure to make my home smell bloomin’ good!

  71. Candles are sensual and romantic. Orchids are my girlfriend and my favourite flower. I cannot think of a better way than to combine my love of candles and my love of orchids to share with the love of my life.

  72. My beautiful bestie loves orchids and after the amazing baby shower she gave me I would love to be able to gift this to her. I know she would love it!!

  73. I’d love to enjoy this special scent as it reminds me of my dear nana, who had a love for orchids and I have sweet memories of enjoying their beauty with her.

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  75. Orchids are my favourite flower and they remind me of my beautiful grandmother. This would be a lovely reminder of her in my home.

  76. Black Orchid sounds so exotic and not to mention that beautiful Pale purple is my favourite colour , I would love to try this so much thankyou .

  77. I am intrigued to know what the scent Black Orchid would smell like, it sounds interesting and very exotic.

  78. Sweet and Exotic
    Stylish and Timeless
    Soy candles just set the mood
    and Black Orchid can not be beat

  79. Orchids have a great sentimental value to me – whenever I used to visit my grandma, she’d show me her beautiful orchids that she was so proud of! This amazingly fresh, beautiful and unique aroma is one I’d love to spread in my home.

  80. Black orchid sounds like a dangerously exciting scent. My home is coloured in black, purple, white and gold so this would make the perfect addition.

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