What is Parkour?

We just heard about the art of Parkour (pronounced par-koor) and decided to do some research. We are not experts (if any are reading this we would love to hear from you) but the concept is so unusual we had to share.

Parkour, which is also abbreviated to PK, started in France by David Belle and is fast becoming popular throughout the world. Parkour is the “art of movement” and many of the moves look like they should be in a Jackie Chan movie.

Parkour is not classed as a sport; there are no rules, no competition, and typically no performance for entertainments sake. It’s all about moving from one point to another as fast as possible using only your body.


If there are obstacles in your way, you need to find a way to overcome them directly by running, jumping, climbing, hanging or sliding.

This unique activity comes complete with its own French keywords, for instance someone who does Parkour is called a Traceur.

There is a self defence element to it, if you did find yourself trapped; Parkour would give you an advantage in escaping. It is also a physical activity which requires strength, agility and concentration so it is excellent for all round body and mind function.

If you are new to Parkour, it is important to get trained properly in the different techniques, jumping on bars and balancing on stair rails isn’t without its injury risks so performing as safely as possible is essential.

Not just for boys, Parkour is becoming vastly popular amongst women which could be due to the freedom and flexibility it provides. On You Tube you will find plenty of examples, and to us it looks similar to park skateboarding, but without the board of course!

There are classes all over the world, including Australia and there is a lot to be learned…its not just about fancy tricks, there is a mental aspect to it as well.

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