Chill N Pour

Here is a clever little idea for wine lovers – it’s called the Chill N Pour. This is a wine chiller and pourer in one, giving you the perfect temperature of wine every time.

The pourer is attached to a stainless steel chilling rod which is inserted inside the bottle after spending some time in the freezer. This eliminates the need for you to use ice buckets or keep running to the fridge and the pourer gives you less chance of drips and mess.

chill n pour

The Chill N Pour works with both whites (to keep the right chilled temperature) or reds (to cool them down to the appropriate temperature on a hot day), all from the inside out.

The rod can be removed from the rest of the device so you can have multiples waiting in the freezer so your guests will never have to worry about an empty glass.

This doesn’t take away from a classy event or the look of the bottle, it is a sleek design and a unique way to enjoy your wine.

Visit to enquire about stockists and for more information – RRP $34.95

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