Christmas Holiday Tips for Dogs

Innotek, Australia’s leading specialists in training products to keep dogs safe and families happy, knows that Christmas can be a time when everyday good practices with pets get lost in the festivities.

John Holliday, Innotek Managing Director, says by following these holiday tips for dogs, the party can go on without concern that your dog will suffer from holiday hangover.

1.  This Christmas, don’t share: Chocolate and holiday sweets are for people not pets:

Chocolate contains theobromine which can be poisonous to many animals depending on the amount and type ingested. Dark chocolate is most dangerous, but chocolate poisoning can even occur if small amounts are fed repeatedly.

Watch for vomiting, diarrhoea, seizures, hyperactivity and increased thirst, urination and heart rate.

2. No feasting under the table:

He may look irresistible in his Christmas bow and antlers, but stay strong and don’t pass your dog the turkey with gravy. Holiday dinners can cause indigestion and diarrhoea in dogs, especially older ones.  Poultry bones can splinter and cause blockages.

And greasy, spicy and fatty food cause more stomach upset than they are worth.


3.  Don’t give your dog the gift of garbage:

His idea of heaven could be your nightmare.  Store garbage safely out of reach from your dog otherwise you may be cleaning up a lot more than turkey bones from the floor.

Also, be careful of the aluminium candy wrap which can cause blockages.

4. Hold the eggnog, and offer water and lots of it:

Older dogs often can’t digest lactose. Do your pets a favour and make sure they have clean cool water available all times.

5.  Even dogs need down-time this season:

The holidays are hectic for everyone, and your dog needs a break from the commotion as much as you do. If the house is too chaotic with activity and visitors, move your pet’s food, water and bed to a quiet out-of-the way calm space.

6. Even on Christmas, a dog has to walk:

No matter how much your routine changes for the holidays, your dog still needs his regular walks.

7. With visitors coming in and out, it’s easy for a dog to find himself on the wrong side of the door:

Make sure to register your pet with the local council and put your name and contact info on the tag on his collar.

8. Enjoy silent nights and days:

Train your dog not to bark.  Innotek’s  high-tech anti-bark collars are used worldwide as a quick, safe and effective way to stop your dog from howling at reindeers and disturbing the peace.

9. Call Santa if you adopt a barker from a shelter this festive season.

Thousands of dogs are abandoned to shelters because of problem barking, and most will be put down if not adopted. To give them a chance at a home, Santa aka John Holliday of Innotek, is offering the world’s most popular high-tech anti-barking training solutions free to those who adopt a barker from a shelter this holiday season.

All the new owner has to do is call Innotek, toll free, at 1800 786 608.

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