Creative Ways to Drink Your Vodka – Mars Bar Vodka

My tastebuds have been tantalised and my adventurous spirit has been accelerated. The journey for the jelly shot has awoken a thirst in me, a thirst to discover a wealth of exciting new options to get my drink on.

Here is where I begin, the intrepid traveller sets off once more – to research and experiment and come let you know what I find.

Jelly shots I made all at once and hit you with the lot together. This time I think I’ll spread the experience out a bit and experiment with one at a time.  I also need to add that most of the jelly shots were my own inspiration, the vodka creations will mainly be things I have spotted in my travels and thought it would be nice to try.

My first foray into unexplored territory is chilling in the freezer as we speak and I am salivating just thinking about trying it.

The first creative suggestion I have for you to spice up your vodka –

Mars Bar Vodka

mars bar vodka

You will need:

  • 400ml vodka
  • 150ml cream – smallest I could find was 200ml so I have used about 175ml I think
  • 4 x 60g Mars Bars – I used 13 party size 18g ones because that’s what was easiest to get today


Combine Mars Bars with cream in a small saucepan over low heat. I would suggest chopping the mars bars into smaller pieces, I didn’t with mine and it seemed to take a long time for the nougaty bit to melt.

Stir until Mars Bars are melted. (I would also suggest – don’t walk away from it, I walked away for 30 seconds and came very close to burning the mixture)

Remove lid from vodka bottle and add Mars Bar mixture. I left it to cool a little rather than pouring very hot chocolate into a glass bottle and it made life very difficult. Ideally, pour the mixture in while it is still hot and runny and if possible use something with a spout or a funnel. I wish I’d had one.

One other thing I will mention here – when you start to pour the mixture into the vodka it sinks straight to the bottom and looks terrible. It’s not until the shaking that  you will have any indication this may actually mix. I had quite a few issues getting the mix into the bottle without spillage so stopped to shake quite a few times in between adding the mixture.

Tighten lid and shake the bottle for 2 minutes. Store in a cool, dark place. Shake well before serving very cold. After I shook and shook and shook some more, finally getting it to look about as combined as possible I went and put it in the cupboard to cool a little.

It was only half an hour later that the impatience got me and it’s now in the freezer chilling so I can try it shortly.

I have noticed that there are some chunks in my Mars Bar vodka but I am pretty sure that’s just caramel from overdoing my mixture just a little. In this case you could strain the chunks out (which was my plan – and eat them) but I think I’m just going to see how it goes.

Be back with you shortly….. as soon as it’s chilled enough for a taste test.

I first tried the Mars Bar vodka straight up over ice. It had the texture of a Baileys but the vodka taste is very overpowering. Even straight Baileys is a little much for me so I added milk and it neutralises the vodka but it does dampen the flavour too… perhaps it needs some time to settle. I think I will reserve judgement for now and get back to you in a couple of days.


I had to modify this recipe quite a bit in the end. I added more mars bars and more cream, it was still quite strong but over ice and served very cold it was good so to do it all at once…

  • 400ml vodka
  • 300ml cream
  • 1 bag of fun size Mars Bars plus 2 full size 52g Mars Bars

Combine chopped Mars Bars and cream over low heat until Mars Bars are completely melted. Add to Vodka bottle and shake vigorously until completely combined. Place somewhere cool and dark to bring down to room temperature and then place straight in the fridge. Serve very cold over ice.

I would suggest drinking this within a week or the cream will begin to curdle. Be prepared for this to retain quite a bit of the vodka afterburn.

Please drink responsibly.

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