Creative Ways To Drink Your Vodka – Turkish Delight Vodka

It’s been a while since I’ve been in to add to my little collection of creative vodkas but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about them. It’s just that sometimes other things need to take priority.

This latest addition has been sitting in my cupboard for over a week, ready for the big taste test, but I kept forgetting to take it out.

I really need to start this by saying I don’t know what I was thinking – I don’t even like Turkish Delight!

turkish delight vodka

I may not like Turkish Delight but I know quite a few people who do like Turkish Delight vodka and this little series of posts isn’t all about what I like. So Turkish Delight Vodka it is!

This was a recipe I came across and modified a little, have tried out and can tell you what it’s actually like.

Here’s what you will need:

350g traditional Turkish delight, chopped coarsely (approximately)
300ml vodka
Bottle for vodka, large enough to allow agitation room

The Method:

* The first change that HAS to be made (because I didn’t and I really wish I had) – do not try to cut the Turkish Delight after it’s been rinsed.

Chop Turkish Delight into pieces that will fit down the neck of the bottle.

Rinse any icing sugar or cornflour off the Turkish Delight. I strongly suggest ensuring your pieces are small enough first because I didn’t. I rinsed it first because it meant I only had to rinse a few pieces – but they literally started melting and getting sticky all over my fingers, and the knife.

Remove lid from bottle and add vodka.

Add Turkish Delight to the vodka in the bottle.

Tighten lid and shake it for 2 minutes. Shake it hard!

Store in a cool, dark place and shake at least twice a day (preferably as many times as you remember – I shook mine every time I went into the pantry) until the Turkish Delight dissolves.

It could take up to 1 week to dissolve the Turkish Delight. Mine was ALMOST done after about 3 days, but those last little pieces just didn’t want to finish dissolving. DO NOT shake before serving.

turkish delight vodka

Serving Suggestion: Mix with lychee juice and soda water over ice for a refreshing summer cocktail.


This beverage is quite thick and syrupy, but that could be because I cut back the amount of vodka but not the Turkish Delight. It is sweet and very strongly flavoured.

It has a very definite Turkish Delight flavour but it retains the bite and you can taste the vodka. It is quite smooth, which could be because it is so thick.

This vodka was a big hit with a guy who likes Turkish Delight and we all tried it. I can safely say it was strongly Turkish Delight flavoured and thick and syrupy, he said it was delicious. That was just from sipping it straight from a shot glass – no ice and no refrigeration.

It was also tasted when mixed with lemonade. That dampened the flavour but still not going to work for anyone who doesn’t like Turkish Delight. Apparently though, for those who like Turkish Delight, with lemonade it is smooth and refreshing. Something that could definitely be enjoyed throughout a night.

Please drink responsibly

I’d love to know about your habits? Are you a little adventurous and like to try new things in your glass? Or do you have what you know and like and that’s all you drink?¬† And is there anything you would suggest we try out and publish?

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