Earth Bags – Australia’s First!

Earth Bags are Australia’s first biodegradable reusable bag! They are a stylish, ethical and environmentally aware bag that is sure to set new standards for reusable products in Australia.

Earth Bags Australia is a Western Australia based company determined to become a guiding force in environmental leadership and responsibility across Australia. They create 100% environmentally compatible consumable products and the Earth Bag is the first product that has been launched by Earth Bags Australia. They will be introducing a range of new environmentally friendly products in the near future.

The Earth Bag was developed by Earth Bags Australia to reduce the impact on the environment of plastic and green bags.

The standard ‘green’ bag and the Earth Bag share similarities, they are both strong, hardy and practical. There is one very important difference between the two bags though – the Earth Bag is 100% biodegradable, sustainable and free from chemical toxins.


Reg Ferguson, Director of Earth Bags Australia, commented on the significance of the new Earth Bags saying that:

“There are millions of reusable bags currently in use in Australia. I don’t think people are aware that the majority of these bags contain lead and petroleum products and are as harmful to the environment as plastic bags. After years of extensive research and planning, we’re thrilled to be bringing the Earth Bag to market. To mark the occasion, we have sent out a hundred limited edition Earth Bags to a select number of people here in Australia so hopefully people will start to see the Bags out and about soon.”

“We at Earth Bags Australia felt that a more environmentally friendly bag that consumers and businesses can use was required. We are confident that we’ve developed a market first, which has been supported by research from Murdoch University in WA.”

The innovative new Earth Bags can be used for up to two years and have been scientifically proved to become compost 45 days after disposal without negatively impacting the environment.

To ensure they could back up their claims Earth Bags Australia commissioned research by the Murdoch University’s School of Environmental Science and this is what Dr Martin Anda had to say about the environmental claims of the Earth Bag:

We investigated whether the much used greed bags, are less environmentally friendly than the Earth Bags. Our reasearch demonstrated that Earth Bags biodegrade completely in a composting environment after 45 days, whereas there was no noted difference in the appearnace of the green bag after enduring the same environmental controls.

Our research also showed that Earth Bags contribute to the organic content of the soil once it has biodegraded. This again reinforces the environmental benefits of the Earth Bag versus green bags.

Earth Bags produce approximately 20% less carbon emissions during manufacture and disposal than polypropylene bags. They are made entirely from paper sourced from sustainable forests and spun using a complex weaving process, recycled water and a natural beeswax coating that solidifies the paper into the Earth Bag.

A variety of styles and designs are available to fulfill your Earth Bag needs and they can be tailor-made for the general public and business community. It is versatile enough to use for a range of activities from shopping to a workout in the gym.  And it’s stylish design should make it a trendsetter with the environmentally conscious!

If you would like to find out more about Earth Bags Australia head over and visit them at:

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