Girl Chat with David Whitehill

David Whitehill doesn’t just look good on the outside (he was a former Cleo Bachelor of the Year you know), but has a passion for sea life which makes him good on the inside too. He is a presenter for Qantas TV and has his own media project called “Our Blue Backyard” which helps protect marine animals and celebrate those who protect them and their environment.

He was previously a dolphin trainer at Sea World and we could talk to him about his career for hours…but instead, we decided to have some fun and have a chat about women!

david whitehill

B&L: Is there such a thing as too much makeup on a woman?

David: Yes, there’s a fine, but clear line between a woman making herself look sensational and ending up like a China Doll. Subtle is best.

B&L: Who is your female celebrity crush and why?

David: Scarlett Johansson. She has loads of sex appeal, beautiful and I think she’s a Twister fan!

B&L: Girl next door or glamour girl?

David: A bit of both. I think girl next door by day, glamour by night

B&L: Jeans and tee or a dress?

David: Jeans and T are great during the day, but to add a bit of spice when you go out there’s something alluring about a girl showing her legs.

B&L: Do you bring flowers on a first date?

David: No I think that it looks like you’re trying too hard. Third date maybe.

B&L: Should a man open the door for a woman?

David: Yes, a simple, easy way to score some points and make your girl feel special. Cabs, restaurants, always ladies first. Decades of chivalry can’t be wrong.

david whitehill

B&L: What is one thing a woman should never do on a first date?

David: If you’re after a relationship, never sleep with your first date. Sorry girls, but a woman always gets much better reviews if there’s some restraint early on, no matter what the guy says.

B&L: Blonde or brunette?

David: Blonde

B&L: Your girl asks, “Does my bum look big in this?” what do you say?

David: No not at all. Learnt through years of pain, never say yes. It will make her concentrate on her bum for the rest of the night. Best to say “no not at all, but why don’t you wear that …dress, it made you look stunning” Everyone wins!

B&L: What if it was your sister who was asking the question?

David: That’s fine….families expect the truth.

B&L: What can she do to impress your friends?

David: Be natural, friendly and down to earth. Personality is a huge asset. Flirting….not so good.

B&L: Is it ok to be friends with your ex?

David: It always makes it a bit tough on the new relationship. I think it’s fine to chat now and again but at a safe distance. You’ve obviously decided to move on so time to do it.

B&L: Would it put you off if a girl drank too much or was a smoker?

David: Smoking is a killer on the attraction front. The most beautiful girl can spark up a cigarette and the attraction disappears for me immediately. I think it steams from working with ocean animals and knowing where most cigarette butts end up.

B&L: Would you rather a woman cook for you or beat you at a game of tennis?

David: Someone who can cook up a storm in the kitchen and enjoy it is a gold mine. Juice in the kitchen is far better than Deuce on the court.

B&L: Kisses or cuddles?

David: Kisses….

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