Lush, rich, vibrant, textured. Wallpaper?

Lush, rich, vibrant, textured. Wallpaper?

Solid painted feature walls have made a huge impact on how we decorate and decorated in the past five years. We have seen them in magazines and display homes everywhere but wallpaper is inching its way into our view as the must have for your interior.

Those of you who have renovated older homes and spent countless hours stripping back walls, sanding to a perfect finish to get the right painting surface, I hear your groans. Who thought chandeliers were going to make a come back? But we have grasped that idea so fiercely we now adore them and see them being used in places we never thought possible, think kitchens and powder rooms!

The variety of colours and styles of wallpapers we are seeing released will match many interior schemes you are trying to create and the results will definatley outweigh the pain.

For a touch of Retro this bold print in Fig. 1 creates a statement in colour, design and texture. If you have minimal furniture and paintings this is the way to go. The key is not to overdo it and keep the wallpaper to one wall or an adjoining wall to create a ‘nook’.

On surrounding walls you need to paint a colour that will compliment the colours within the wallpaper. To feature the bold pink flowers you could paint them in Dulux Peplum white, or use Dulux Moired Satin charcoal to create a full rich environment. Team this with one-off lamps, an individual coffee table, rich patterned rugs and you have a room pulsing with energy.


If a dramatic statement isn’t your thing, wallpaper can still accommodate. In Fig. 2 a gentler mood has been created. Soft colours and subtle blending patterns give a sense of allure while playing on captured light.

The blue wallpaper has a gentle feel and pattern only truly seen when the foiled pattern catches the nearby lights giving a soft glow to the walls.

Accessorise with French provincial chairs or white overstuffed couches, beautiful fur throws and cushions and you have created a sophisticated and elegant room that coaxes you into its space.


What if you don’t own your home and can’t alter the walls? Not to worry, these designs and colours are worth framing. Buy a pre-made frame from your local framers or larger store like IKEA, and hang the wallpaper like a piece of artwork. This way the size and impact becomes an accessory rather than a major impact on your wall. For a larger surface area cover one side of a screen divider and stand it in a corner of your bedroom with a sexy nightgown casually thrown over the top. This will definatley create an enticing mood and statement without damaging the walls!

These wallpapers are from Crowson’s latest release and you can view them on They have outlets in every major capital of Australia.

Guest post by Shaynna Blaze -Vaughan / blankcanvas INTERIORS

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