The Seven Deadly Jelly Shots

Summer is fast becoming a faded memory but that doesn’t mean that the parties come to an end.

Winter is fast approaching and you find that you need to change your drinking habits a little, you need something that’s going to warm you up on a cold winter’s night as you have a few quiet drinks with friends, or a massive night of partying and socialising.

Taking all of this into consideration I took it upon myself to embark on some experimentation – for the good of party animals everywhere who are ready for a new challenge – a new frontier to explore.

The vodka jelly shot has become enormously popular, and for good reason. Vodka jelly shots are extremely versatile because you can mix vodka with any jelly flavour, knowing it will work well and go down smoothly.

I have come to the conclusion that there is more to the jelly shot than just vodka – there has to be a world of new experiences just waiting to be discovered for those who have the courage and adventurous spirit to step outside their comfort zone.

jelly shot creation

And here begins the journey to unearth the Seven Deadly Jelly Shots – will they work and will they be worth the cost???

This intrepid explorer will leave you now and head off into the unfamiliar territory of taste sensations as yet undiscovered…. I will see you back here soon with my findings.

I have travelled far and thought long to bring you what I think is going to be a complete success. Keeping in mind of course that everyone’s tastes are different and what I like may have you wondering what on earth I was thinking.

Tonight I have put together 4 of my Seven Deadly Jelly Shots and now I sit quietly with my fingers crossed hoping that they set. Being the cook it was my prerogative to lick the spoon so I’m reasonably confident that my flavours have flair and I can’t wait to taste them. Now it’s time to play the waiting game to see if they are going to set.

So, I’ll take the opportunity to tell you a little about the explosion of taste sensations I plan to sample with friends tomorrow.

Number 1.

Vodka Jelly Shot – The Original! Versatile and sure to go with any flavour.

vodka and jelly shots

I have chosen Raspberry to complement my rainbow and I used 150ml of Vodka and 50ml of cold water.

Number 2.

Black Sambuca Jelly Shot – very difficult to think of the best flavour to complement this one. It has such a strong flavour of it’s own (and fragrance, especially warm) that the right combination is going to be essential.

sambucca jelly shots

I went with an Aeroplane Create A Jelly, it is flavourless on its own and the cold liquid you add is what lends the flavour. I used 100ml of Opal Nera Black Sambuca and 100ml of cold water.

Number 3.

Kahlua Jelly Shot – the only choice for this one was cola really.

jelly shot kahlua

Traditionally I was only aware of Kahlua being mixed with milk, then recently I discovered that drinking it with coke was heavenly so a Kahlua and Cola Jelly Shot sounds pretty good to me. I used 100ml of Kahlua and 100ml of cold water

Number 4.

Vanilla Galliano Jelly Shot – another tricky one requiring careful consideration. My first thought had been lemonade because that’s what I would drink it with.

jelly shots

Of course I couldn’t find any so it was on to a little improvisation. I looked at jelly’s and smelt the packets hoping for an inspiration. This time round we have gone with Blue Heaven! I used 125ml of Vanilla Galliano to 75ml of cold water.

Number 5.

Cointreau Jelly Shot – to be totally honest I had no idea what flavour this was. I was standing in the bottle shop looking through the little bottles and going through combinations utilising the bottles I could see in my head.

jelly and contrieu

Hubby told me this has an orange flavour and I thought it had to at least be in the running. Orange and Mango Jelly Shot – breakfast juice in a shot glass.  I used 100ml of Cointreau.

Number 6.

Jack Daniels Jelly Shot – could only be made with Cola and definitely needed to be tried.

jelly and jack daniels

This is one that I think will have appeal for the men around. I am not a fan of Jack Daniels but with Cola jelly it’s a winner. I have used 150mls of Jack Daniels and 50mls of cold water.

Number 7.

Midori Jelly Shot – A lot of options with this one, many interesting combinations. For the purposes of this experiment we have gone a straight Midori and Pineapple Jelly shot.

jelly shots

My taste testing tells me it will be a wicked mix, and it is the base flavour for a couple of Midori cocktails. I used 100mls of Midori and 100mls of cold water.


The procedure for all of these jelly shots is the same. Follow the directions on the packet and substitute cold water for alcohol. You still need to use some cold water to ensure your jelly sets but you have the power to make them as weak or as strong as you feel you need.

I chose my alcoholic quantities largely for convenience. It is relatively easy to source 2x50ml bottles and the next size up is markedly larger and not something I would drink on it’s own.

Vanilla Galliano was only available as a 350ml or a 500ml bottle, I went for the small one and decided to make the shots a little stronger because I had the means to do so.

Jack Daniel’s and Vodka are the drinks of choice in our house so we had the means to go a little harder with those ones also.

I can’t wait to see if they set, I just want to try them… so I guess that’s it from me today and I will be back with results real soon!

Please drink responsibly.

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