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In a household with four children there is bound to be waste, and though I try to recycle where I can there is always going to be a place in my house for garbage bags. Some weeks it seems like we need a neverending supply; and then there are the days I want to hit the bedrooms and the lounge with a huge bag and just remove all the stuff that gets left lying around.

Waste bags are a staple of most households and here in South Australia they no longer supply disposable plastic bags at the supermarket; which used to be a great option for rubbish bags in the kitchen.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to spend big money on bags for the express purpose of putting them in the bin so price is a big factor when I shop for rubbish bags.

There are all sorts of things that end up in my kitchen rubbish bin so I also need bags that are strong enough to withstand both the weight and the odd shapes and sizes. There is nothing worse than getting halfway to the outside bin when your bag breaks and rubbish goes everywhere so I also want my bags to be strong.

Waste comes in all shapes and sizes and so do rubbish bag requirements. Dog waste bags are great to take with you when you walk your furry friends, especially if you aren’t walking somewhere that council provide them. Unfortunately I no longer have a furry friend to walk but I do have two little people in nappies and a small benchtop bin in my bathroom. Dog waste bags are the perfect size for both of these purposes.

ELKA Imports is a 100% Australian owned company that has been trading for over 25 years and remains true to its mission to “Provide high quality products at the lowest price, with exceptional customer service to match”.

ELKA waste bags are manufactured from 100% virgin material which makes them strong, durable, tear resistant and cost effective.

There are a couple of great reasons to use bags made from Virgin materials; the quality is more consistent, the bags are stronger and they don’t need to be as thick which all ultimately equates to less landfill.

At the moment I am using white 36L bin liners in my kitchen, they come in a roll of 50 and are easy to dispense. I generally tend to get the bag almost full  before removing it from the bin and walking around adding to it; not always such a great idea. The ELKA bags have withstood the strain of walking around with them and I have had no issues with the stretch of transport.

My one issue with these bags is that I have gotten used to garbage bags with tie-up handles for ease of disposal and these bags have a straight top. The straight top means they sit beautifully in the bin, they fold over the edges easily and I have had no issues with breakage or the bag sliding down into the bin. Tying a knot in the top when the bag is full still works with relative ease you just need to make sure you leave room in the top of the bag to tie.

The ELKA 36L Kitchen Tidy Liners come in black or white and the size is 700mm x 590mm.
Bags come on a perforated roll of 50, 20 rolls to a carton.

RRP: $38.39 per carton (equates to $1.92/roll and less than half a cent per bag)

ELKA Dog Waste Bags are a useful addition to the household. They come in rolls of 225 and have handy ties to trap the odours and germs of whatever nasties you dispose of in there.

I would have loved these when I had a furball to walk. They are a great size to fit in most of the dispensers you see around the place but I would have just ripped off a couple and attached them to the lead.  Instead, I am using them to dispose of nappies and for my little benchtop bathroom bin.

The Dog Waste Bags are strong, I tend to jam quite a bit in the tiny bathroom bin and haven’t had any tearing issues. The handles are quite a good length so I can get a couple of nappies in and then seal the bag quite well around them.

Long handles are also very handy if you are using them for their intended purpose because you won’t always have a bin handy so the long handles allow you to tie up the bag and then also tie it somewhere until you find a bin.

The bags are on a perforated roll with the two tie handles attached to the bottom of the bag before, they come apart with ease and are strong enough not to tear.

Made from EPI Degradable materials the bags are black and the size is 400mm x 200mm with a 100mm gusset.
There are 225 bags to a roll and 10 rolls in a carton.

RRP: $48.95 per carton (equates to $4.89 per roll and about 5 bags per 1cent)

For more information head over to and products can be purchased from

It may seem like a little much to buy your rubbish bags by the carton but the savings are astronomical, and you can always choose to buy with family or friends and share.

Thanks to ELKA Imports 20 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be trialing a roll of 36L Bin Liners and a roll of Dog Waste Bags and will tell us what they thought in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “User Review: ELKA Waste Bags

  1. ELKA Waste Bags

    I have been trialing the ELKA 36L Tidy Liners for the past week in our general waste kitchen bin. While we do a fair amount of recycling and composting we do go through large amount of plastic bags due to running a home based childcare business. I found that while these bin liners are thin they have been extremely durable. I do tend to over load my bins and as a result I would normally buy bin liners with handles. However it’s not that difficult to tie up these bin liners and I’ve had no tearing or leaking which is a non-negotiable must.

    The Dog Waste Bags have been great for nappy bags and bin liners for a small bathroom bin. I don’t have a dog so can’t comment on the effectiveness of using them for that purpose, but I like these better than normal nappy bags and the larger sizing makes them easier to use. Having the bags on a roll has been super easy and tremendously useful too.

    ELKA waste bags are made from virgin plastic which means it comes from new materials (not recycled) but locally sourced materials meaning less of an environmental imprint. As they are priced well I am more than happy to support an Australian business.

    Thanks to ELKA Imports and Beauty and Lace for the chance to use and review these useful items.

  2. I have been trialling the above liners for a few days now and been very happy with their durability and strength.


    These bin liners actually fit well into my household bin underneath the sink and they actually fitted better than the ones I actually use now. They sat neatly in the bin. My only gripe would be I do like having handles that I can tie together and I found I had to use an elastic band to seal the top. The bag themselves are strong when filled with household waste.

    I have also used the bags to store some summer clothes in and they fit neatly in my wardrobe now.
    The bags are on a roll and are easy to just tear off. I believe they are Aussie made so that is a bonus in buying them.


    These are great for the job of picking up your dogs poos when walking the dog. I love how they are black so myself and others don’t have to see at what is inside. They are strong as I also use them every three days to pick up my dog’s poos in our backyard. The bags actually hold a lot inside and then all I have to do is use the ties to make a knot and straight into the garbage bin.

    They are a great size in that they fit a tiny bin in our laundry and for times when the grandkids come and their mum has no nappy bags left.

    The bags come on a roll and easily tear off.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Elka for trialling these products.

  3. I have been using these Elka bags for the dog waste (when we go for our daily walks bu also when I do a general pick-up around our garden). They are just the right size and being black they are distinguishable from other household garbage bags too. They are fantastic in the way that they de-compose easily. I love that feature because I don’t have any greenie-guilt when I use them. What a great idea! They have two handles which tie up easily into a knot so when the ‘business’ is done, the bag can be tied up securely and the smell does not come out.

    I’ve also been using the white 36litre household garbage bags which do not split when they are full. They are quite strong and they are designed without handles so they snuggly and neatly fit attractively into the bin with just a little bit of overhang -depending on the size of your plastic bin, but that’s how it fits in my kitchen bin.

    These bags work out to be great value for money – much cheaper than what I can get them for at the supermarket/chainstores.

    The rolls are big and they have a perforation to guide you where to tear them off when you reach for the next one. I would purchase these for sure now that I’ve tried them – I don’t mind a good quality garbage bin liner and I don’t mind saving money either!!

    These bags are not scented.

  4. Elka Waste Bags

    I received the small black waste bags and the larger white bin liners. I am loving the both of them.
    The black ones actually fit the bins in both bathrooms and the bin under the kitchen sink, and the white ones fit the larger bin in the kitchen.
    I was a little bit dubious about the strength of these bags, as they are very thin, however they have not let me down.
    The bins in the bathrooms get pushed to the limit weight wise and they have not split or torn, so I am really impressed by that.
    Our bin in the kitchen gets glass and sharp objects put in it and whilst I still use a garbage bag, if it does split, I have the liner to protect the actual bin.
    As I have said the bags are really quite thin, however, they stand the test of bulk and load, so I am really happy with the products and will be re-purchasing.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to review the Elka Waste Bags (36L) and the Dog waste Bags.

    I have been trialling the bin liners for the past week and a half, and have been using them in my kitchen waste bin. I have to say I am super impressed that they are made by an Australian company and also that they use locally sourced new materials to make them.

    I was however surprised that the bags did not have any way of closing or securing the top once filled and found this quite inconvenient, as opposed to bags which have a tie. I did like that the bags came on a roll with perforation.

    I didn’t find the bags as strong and durable as the bags I currently use, and found that the thickness of the bag was too flimsy and not hardy or durable enough for our general waste and sharp objects were perforating the bag resulting in leakage and rubbish falling out of the holes.

    I think if your waste consisted of non-sharp objects, then you may find these bags durable.


    We don’t have a dog, however we do have an adult Cat and new kitten and used these black waste bags for the kitty litter.

    Wow! We were very impressed with these bags, once the waste was in the bag, the odour was contained, and the bags themselves were very strong, strong enough to hold kitty litter sand etc.
    The handles made tying up of the bags a breeze and easy to dispose of. I also liked that the bags are coloured black, making them distinguishable from the white bin liner bags.
    These waste bags also held quite a bit, so we’re perfect for our cats waste.
    I will definitely be purchasing these bags.

    Thank you Elka waste and to Beauty and Lace.

  6. I never thought these would arrive to try but I’m so happy they did.

    I received the dog waste bags, and after a few walks with granddog (yes no grandkids but i dog sit at least twice a week) I’ve found them to be really good no smell and easy to tie up for disposal. I’ve now got a few in each of my jacket pockets. I also think these would be great in the car glove box for those messy situations when you are out and about.

    The others i received to trial are the white bin bags while they fit my bin almost perfectly and I love the perforations, like others I found them to be a bit on the thin side, but in saying that I’ve not had one rip open as yet, so maybe they are stronger than they appear.

    Now all i need is a few other dog grandmas to to halves with me in a box because 2250 bags is a lot of

  7. I received the ELKA 36L white bin liner waste bags and the black dog waste bags to trial a few weeks ago and I’ve put them to good use.
    We have a two bin drawer waste disposal system in our kitchen, one that holds general garbage, food scraps etc and the other bin we use for rubbish that can be recycled, newspapers, cartons, glass jars etc. The ELKA 36L bin liner fits our recycle bin perfectly, the handles of our recycle bin hold the bin liner in place securely. I was really surprised on how strong the bin liners were as the plastic was quite thin. I didn’t have any issues with the contents ripping or tearing the bin liner. My only suggestion would be to not to overfill the bin as the bin liner doesn’t have any handles or any way of tying up the bag up so you need to allow space for that. Other than that its worked really well and they are very affordable for the quality, I don’t like spending money on something that’s going to be thrown out.

    We don’t have a doggy in our household but the dog waste bags worked well in place of nappy bags. We have a toddler that’s not quite toilet trained so these bags have been very handy. I like the fact that they are black, so they conceal the contents, which is handy when you are out and about and don’t want people to see the soiled nappy. Although the bags are not scented like the nappy bags I’ve used previously, they do tend to conceal any nasty smells. The bags are on a roll and there are perforations that allow you to tear off one bag at a time, which is convenient for storage but I found it a bit fiddly when trying to remove the bag during nappy change, so I’ve actually got a few bags already torn off ready to go.
    The black plastic bags are thinner than the nappy bags I’m used to using but I haven’t had any issue with them breaking, but my hubby has commented that he has torn the handles off when trying to tie up the bags because he’s a bit more heavy handed than myself.
    I think the dog waste bags would be also perfect size for my bath room bin and also for keeping a stash of bags in my glove box of my car for little clean ups. My kids are always eating snacks, fruit, crackers and I never have a bag for wrappers and used tissues in my car.

    I’ve enjoyed participating in this trial and the ELKA bags have been very useful and worked well for their intended purposes, thank you Beauty and Lace.

  8. Both the bin liners and dog bags have been great. I have a lot of guests through airbnb and the rubbish bags have held up against heavy items thrown away. The only thing that I would prefer is for the bin liners to have handles for easy tying.
    The dog bags have been great, not only for soggy business but also for nappies.

  9. I’ve enjoyed trialling the elka bags the garbage bags have been great they fit my bin nicely and even though I overloaded them I could still carry them the 70 meters to my rubbish bin without them breaking!! I don’t have any pets but the doggy bags are perfect for bathroom tidy bins. I would recommend ELKA bags to anyone.

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to trial the Elka bags.

    I received the large black rubbish bags along with the smaller white kitchen bin size liner.

    I’m used to buying bin liners with waved tops so I was a little disappointed that the Elka ones didn’t have this feature but after using them I found them just as easy to knot closed and carry outside.
    Although they don’t look like it they were very strong and I had no issues with leaking.
    The large black bins liners came in handy for my wardrobe clean out. They were very durable, even stuffed full of clothes for donation.
    I recommend Elka garbage bags and would use them again.
    Thanks for the chance to try them out

  11. After putting them through their paces I have to say that the Elka range of bags is pretty good.
    The Elka dog waste bags are a great size, good for both my little pup (12kg) and my big pup (37kg) when they decide they cant wait any longer. I love the fact that they are black, which means after you’ve picked up you no longer have to look at what you have collected. The handles make it easy to tie the muck in too. And best still is that they are biodegradable and so less harmful to the environment than some other products on the market.
    The Elka garbage bags are a good size, fitting into my home kitchen bin perfectly. Although they feel quite thin to the touch, and I was uncertain if they would hold, I was happily surprised at how durable they are. We tend to be a little lazy to empty the home bin so bags tend to get pushed to their limits. I was really happy that I did not have bag breakage on the way out the door. The only thing I feel is missing is a way to tie the bags when full. Without handles it was a little more challenging but maybe my dexterity is just lacking.
    I would recommend both to family and friends. I even passed on some of the poopy bags to a friend who is all about the environment and has a dog. She was stoked that a product is out there that makes cleaning up easy and biodegrades!

  12. Thank you Beauty & Lace and Elka for the opportunity to trial these great waste bags.

    I received white 36L kitchen tidy liners and black dog waste bags.

    The kitchen liners were very durable and no matter what or how much I put in there, surpringly there were no tears. The only feature that I wasn’t a hige fan of was that there weren’t any handles to tie up the bag once full. And this just what I’m used to so it would have been great if the handles were there.

    But other than that, the bin liners are great. They fit pefectly in my bin and the edges fold over securely and stay in place even as I fill it up.

    I don’t have a furry animal so I wasn’t able to test out the dog bags for that purpose but I was able to usrme them for my small bathroom bin. Just like the kitchen liners, the quality are durability of these bags are excellent. And I love that there are tie up handles!

    The prices of these liners are fantastic and much cheaper than what I currently buy.

  13. I have been trialling the Elka Waste Bags (36L) and the Dog Waste Bags.

    I have used the Elka Waste Bags (36L) in place of my normal waste collection bags in my kitchen tidy bin. I did find it unusual that the bags did not come with anyway of securing the top once filled, but if you did not completely fill you were able to tie a knot in the top. My usual bags have handles on the top but these do not. I found the bags did fit well in my bin and were easy to put over the top and stayed in place. The one thing I did find is that the bags are not as strong as the ones I generally use, and found them to be a bit flimsy and split quite easily if sharper objects were in the bag which then meant rubbish could fall out once taken out of the bin. The bags came in a roll and the perforation was easy to split the bags off for use.

    The Elka Dog waste bags are a very versatile bag, I don’t have a dog but I do have a cat and these bags are great for using with cat litter. I also have used them for our smaller utility bin in the bathroom.
    I really liked these bags and found once the litter was placed in the bag the odours were contained and no smell was emitted. The bags have handles and which made it easy for tying up the bags and made for easy carrying to the garbage bin for disposal. As I also used them in the bathroom tidy I found them to be strong and durable and again easily tied when filled.

    I preferred the Dog waste bags performance in preference to the Waste bags, and would most definitely purchase the dog waste bags in the future.

    It is great to see that the bags are made by an Australian Company and that locally sourced new materials are used to produce them.

  14. I was so glad to finally receive the Elka Waste Bags to trial. I do like a waste bin bag that has ‘handles’ but in saying that I did find the Elka bags to be very strong despite their thin appearance . I just had to remember to leave enough room in the bin/bag so that I could tie the ends in a knot as there was no ties provided. I liked the perforation in the roll of bags as it made it easy to get them off. I’m not sure if I would purchase the Waste Bags for bin liners as I do like a bag with handles to tie. I did find them very useful for emptying smaller rubbish bins around the house though and I know I will use them for general clean ups and would probably purchase for this purpose.

    I received the Dog Waste Bags but I don’t have a dog so have shared the love and given them to friends who do have pets. They have told me that the Bags are great. They are thick enough to do the job and can be tied securely.

    Thanks for the opportunity to trial.

  15. I received the bags last Thursday and have been using them since.
    Ella bin liners (white) are of good quality, light and a good size for my bin at home. Sturdy enough for day to day general household waste. Do wish they had handles or a tie though.
    Ella Dog liners. These are great! Using them in my small bathroom bin and of course for doggy poo pickup. Sturdy, love the handles and they fit quite a lot in them.

  16. I received the bags on Monday. We have a lot of waste, from our house hold plus my business.
    I am all about supporting Australian companies and anything that will save us money! So I am going to buy the bags I have trialled and continue to use them , Plus after exploring their website,I have also found other things we use!

    The White 36L bin liners. I am used to using the ones with handles, but I found these fitted better into the kitchen bin. They are not as thick as what I was using and I was pleasantly surprised how strong they were.

    The black Dog Bags. I have been using them for nappy bags, for the dog and for bin liners for the small bins in the bathrooms. Again surprised as to how strong they are. They contain the nappy smell.

    Thankyou to Elka for the opportunity to trial their waste bags.

  17. Thanks to Beauty & Lace and ELKA for allowing me to trial 2 different types of rubbish bags; Elka Waste Bags (36L) and Dog Waste Bags.
    Elka Waste Bags (36L) are white and a size that isn’t big enough to fit in our kitchen bin….they’re an unusual size, not small enough for a wastebasket but not big enough for a large kitchen bin. I would not buy these bags. We throw everything into our rubbish, so there’s lots of sharp corners and maybe a little bit of liquid that someone missed…..I found sharp corners shredded these white bags in seconds. They also don’t have a tie top or even come with tie closures, so I found this really inconvenient…if my bin gets full and I need to replace through the night I am not going out the front to put in the large bins, so I will tie it up and sit in kitchen til morning….cannot do that with these. And when I attempted to take a large amount of rubbish out one day, the bag wouldn’t hold…and it wasn’t the weight of some of our garbage bags that go out. The bags just didn’t suit our needs.
    The Dog Waste Bags. I don’t have a dog, but if I did I’d be stoked with these. I love that they’re environmentally friendly. I actually used a few to make it easier for me to get my recycled rubbish down t the main bins out the front…we recycle everything we can and usually I have to put everything in a normal plastic bag, empty it and bring the bag back….but with these, I could fill them up and throw them in with the recyclables….awesome! I don’t want to use them all for this though, so am passing them on to my Sister who has 2 dogs ….she will find these very handy.

  18. I have been trailing the ELKA DOG WSTE bags and i found them to be great.

    Having 2 dogs to be walked on a regular basis i have these bags to be generous in size and effective at holding in odour. For me the big plus is the handles – so many of the dog watse bags made to fit the dispensers do not have handles which means it is always awkward trying to collect dog poo and then carry it to the nearest bin.

    I was really impressed with these bags – even hubby was a fan!

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