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Ginger is one of nature’s unsung heroes, it has been used for thousands of years by different cultures for its healing properties and it doesn’t hurt that it tastes good too.

The Ginger People have created quite a diverse range of ginger products available on the Australian market to aid in the holistic wellbeing of consumers. The newest addition to The Ginger People range is Ginger Rescue chewable ginger tablets.

Summer holidays are upon us and that means the season of travel and indulgence, for many it also means the season of travel sickness and over indulgence. We are in a time now where many people are again looking at natural alternatives to medications and ginger is an amazing herbal remedy that has been used for millenia.

Ginger has qualities that help alleviate all manner of digestive upsets and the new Ginger Rescue chewable tablets are going to be a tummy saver these holidays.

Ginger Rescue chewable tablets are available in Original and Mango and contain a massive 440mg and 200mg (respectively) per gram equivalent of fresh ginger.

Swallowing tablets and capsules can be quite difficult for some, especially for smaller people, and that just makes Ginger Rescue an even better option. Not only are they drug-free, Kosher free, gluten free, GMO free and vegan friendly but being chewable they are going to appeal to those who can’t swallow tablets. They don’t need water so they are the perfect on-the-go option and they come in a handy pocket-size packet.

RRP: $7.99 (per pack of 24)

The Ginger People range is stocked in IGA, Healthy Life, Go Vita and some leading independent supermarkets, health stores and pharmacies nationwide.

For more information and stockist details visit

Thanks to The Ginger People 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are trialing the Ginger Rescue tablets and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “User Review: Ginger Rescue

  1. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and The Ginger People for allowing me to try out the Ginger Resue Chewable Ginger Tablets.

    I love ginger and was keen to give this product a try for a few different reasons.

    Firstly, we have a big road trip coming up and myself and my son get travel sickness. I can’t take anything other then natural alternatives as I find I react to over the counter medications. Well we had to visit family yesterday for a Christmas gathering and we had a distance to travel. So we gave these a shot. I loved the taste however my son found them way to “spicy”. We did notice less travel sickness but getting him to try again may be a struggle!

    I’ve also taken them for nausea this week as being that time of the month (sorry to much information) and these have worked a treat! Within 10 mins I felt much better!

    Lastly, I also suffer from gallbladder attacks and on the wait list for surgery, so I need to be careful on what I eat as digestion of the wrong food can trigger pain. finding ways to eleviate the pain when it strikes is a must so having these in the medicine cabinet will be handy!

    Reading up on all the Ginger benefits I was surprised to learn all the other ways it can support natural health such as; boosting energy, aid digestion, gas relief (those three things combined will help after the Christmas’s feasts in the Silly Season), stomach upsets, ease cold and flus, anti inflammatory, and aid general healthy immunity!

    What’s not to love about Ginger!? Give these a shot you’ll be impressed with what they can do.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to try Ginger Rescue chewable tablets. As a long time user of ginger, I am always interested in new options. The taste of the chewable tablets reminded me at first of the ginger nut biscuits my grandmother always fed us, but the inside of my mouth got quite hot towards the end, and I had to wash the rest down with water. My mouth is very sensitive to spicy foods so that may be a problem that only affects me. I have not been able to test to see if they help with motion sickness, but my vertigo symptoms have not worsened since I changed to Ginger Rescue.

    Thanks again.

  3. I was really excited to trial this product because ginger is known as a great inflammatory agent. As the pack suggests the product is super tasty – I had the Mango flavoured Ginger Rescue – they have the perfect balance of mango and ginger spice flavours that it’s hard to stop at just two! Kids would definitely find them palatable! They are chewable, although the first bite is a little hard, but after that they are easy to chew. The only improvement I would suggest would be to add instructions for use as there is no instructions on how to use the tablets. I sort of just figured it out by the nutrition information and the serving size figure of 2. As I suffer chronic pain I thought it might be of some benefit to me and give me some reprieve from my prescribed pain medication but they were not strong enough for that they were however a great natural remedy for gas which I suffer as a result of having a lapband. Overall a handy, tasty, natural product.

  4. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Ginger people for the opportunity to trial the Ginger Rescue chewable ginger tablets. I’ve been a fan of ginger as a solution for nausea for many years now, and am familiar with other ginger people products (in particular their Gin-Gins chewable and hard ginger candies).. Which I have used often to address nausea issues.

    I received the straight ginger tablets and was hugely impressed by them.. The package size is 8.5 cm by 5.5 cm by 1.5 cm making it small enough to fit in a small handbag, or even a shirt pocket. The pack contained 24 blister sealed small tablets. I love the fact that they are drug free, lactose free, gluten free, gmo free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans They have a good strong ginger flavor and because of their size contain much less sugar per tablet than other ginger options.

    My only criticism would be that the pack does not suggest an appropriate dosage, however I assume you would logically take one, and if the nausea did not subside take another.

    Highly recommended to carry if you have someone in the family who suffers from motion sickness.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to try Ginger Rescue chewable tablets.
    I carried them in the car with me but also took some at home when I had nausea. They worked a treat.
    The taste was definitely strong but so long as tney did the trick I didn’t mind.

  6. Both my kids and I really enjoyed these. i suffer form mid cycle nausea and i found these helped a lot and convenient enough to take to work. and keep in the car for my sons motion sickness.

    these were so handy and ato be honest never would have looked or thought about something so naturally or even looked for anything ginger to try 🙂

    a big fan

  7. Thank you Beauty and Lace and to The Ginger People for allowing me to trial these chewable tablets. I received the mango flavour but I admit I couldn’t really taste the mango however, I still thought the overall flavour was nice but as I adore the taste of ginger I think I will get the original ones once I have finished these. They had a nice ginger kick just slightly spicy at the end but I would have loved even more hence I think the original will be more up my alley. These would definitely be more suitable for children and those not liking spiciness.
    I tried these for travel and found I arrived feeling well which was great, plus, I also gave them a go for an after Christmas hangover and I do think they helped alleviate the nausea so have to say I’m quite impressed!
    I did find them quite hard to chew on but after the first bite/crunch they are much easier to chew on.
    Thanks again for giving me the chance to trial these. I look forward to trying the Original flavour next!

  8. Thank you Beauty and Lace and the Ginger People for giving me the chance to trial the Mango variety
    These came at a great time as I am currently undergoing chemo treatment. One of the side effects is nausea.
    These little tablets pack a punch. The flavour is quite mild and you can easily chew them without having water. The small pack size makes it easy to carry in my handbag so that they are always on hand.
    The taste is quite pleasant, not spicy at all. I can imagine that children would find these easy to take also. Highly recommend having a pack on hand

  9. I was keen to try this as ginger is a favourite and my stomach does not always behave so this seemed like a good thing to try. The packaging is very convenient to slip into the handbag, as the tablets are concentrated and compact. The packaging is fun, and does not advertise the fact that you may have an upset stomach or sickness, which is good. If you were wishing to be quiet about early pregnancy for example, or an illness that upset your stomach it is good to be subtle. The compact tablets pop out for use easily and the first taste is really pleasant, strong ginger of course, a little tingly on the tongue in a good way and easily chewable, although I rather lingered over mine. I took two when I felt a bit of an upset tummy and did feel a calming of gas, and did not feel sick at all. I see that they make a stronger version and I am keen to try this too and to try on a boat trip for travel sickness as I have yet to have the opportunity. As a healthy natural product I think this is certainly something I would like to keep in my handbag, car and medicine box as a really useful product. Thanks.

  10. Thanks to the Ginger People and Beauty and Lace for trialling the Ginger Rescue Chewable Tablets – Mango.

    We waited to go on a trip to trial them. An easy to access packet; equally easy to dispense from foil tabs. I was keen to see how this product would work with our children who suffer car sickness.

    Mr 14 said he liked the initial sweeter taste but when chewing he received a much stronger release of ginger. He didn’t find it overwhelming though. They are small tablets which are quite hard and he had to use his back molars to break them up. They are easy to swallow whole too.

    Miss 10 didn’t like the taste at all, but she is somewhat of a ‘princess’ so I knew she wouldn’t like any tablet, including this one.

    They did however work really well so Miss 10 will just have to put up with the taste.

    Sturdy small packet for storing in my handbag. I’d recommend them over any medicated pharmaceutical car sickness tablets.

    Will be interested in their effectiveness for any future upset tummies or nausea.

    A big thumbs up from our household.

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