5 Tips for Easing the Symptoms of Back Pain at Work

Matthew Squires is the Founder of Physio Gym Physiotherapy and he estimates that up to 50% of his members seek out physiotherapy because of lower back pain.

These are his top  5 tips for easing the symptoms of back pain at work:


1. People should spend five minutes of exercise for every hour that is spent sitting (e.g. if you work a 40 hour week, you need to do at least 3.5 hours of exercise)

2. Keep a glass of water on your desk, rather than a larger bottle, to force you to get up and refill it

3. Do regular stretches while sitting such as neck, shoulder and spinal twists and hip flexor stretches

4. Talk to your superiors about investing in ergonomic equipment

5. Schedule a ‘walk and talk’ meeting – you’d be surprised how quicker you get through an agenda when you’re on your feet!

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