DISCUSSION: New Year’s Eve

Christmas has been and gone, and there is one more event for 2011 and that is New Year’s Eve. For some this is the biggest night of the year and people around the world celebrate with a big bang – or fireworks at least.

This week’s discussion is about New Year’s Eve and the resolutions that follow. With two young children it’s not something I will be making a big fuss over this year, a baby doesn’t understand the concept of sleep-ins so staying up until midnight is a bit of a struggle.


Which brings me to New Year’s resolutions, do you make them or break them? I like starting the year fresh, having a big clean out and reducing the clutter. It’s understandable that gyms love January, every year people start with good intentions and sign up to a contract – only to never show up and feel guilty about it for the coming months.

In 2012 I won’t be pregnant or breastfeeding so I am determined to get fit and run regularly (feel free to remind me of that at any time during the year). We rarely eat junk food and I am pretty happy with our diet so it’s definitely exercise which is at the top of my list. Oh, and drinking more water.

So tell me, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Or do you prefer not to make them? Do you have a history of keeping them or forgetting them on January 2nd? What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

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19 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: New Year’s Eve

  1. My new year’s resolution this year will be to keep the one I make every year to lose weight. For every fortnight I keep my resolution I will get myself a little pressie – from jewellery to massages!

  2. My New Years resolution is to Loose Weight and Sell, all of My Brand New Items that I have in the House, (which is a whole Bedroom of different things)

  3. No plans at all for New Years Eve and its doubtful i will stay up to midnight. The only thing that is a yearly tradition is that my Mum whos overseas calls me and talks to me as her New Year clocks over but as shes recovering from major surgery i doubt very much that she will have the energy to do that this year.

    I dont really make resolutions as such.
    I more plan and prepare for the changes that i know will be coming.
    For instance this year, In another week actually My Miss 20 will be moving away. So far away that its 2 days car drive away or 18hrs if you had 2 drivers and went nonstop.
    Miss 23 is very likely to get a good job and move out of home also now that shes graduated.
    So i figure that i will be moving furniture and turning one bedroom into my longed for study…yippieeeeee!!!
    I plan to continue to save for my dream NY holiday. Ive been saving for just over 2 years so far and I had hoped that I would be able to be there in May of 2012 for a 50th birthday celebration for my brother but i very much doubt that will be possible. So the saving continues along with the dreams and eventually i will get there.
    I would like to be able to read more as being the book lover that i am i feel i dont read enough.
    I would love to get a job but seriously lack skills and the biggest problem…I lack selfconfidence. I think If I was lucky enough to win one of those shows and get a make over that would certainly help boost the confidence.
    I guess what i really need to do is just work on being more of a secure person. Secure in who i am, Secure moneywise, Secure in relationships and secure with my body. Not as easy as it sounds but i will continue to work on it.

  4. well my plans are what they always are these days… I always end up the designated driver and I have 2 children so now I stay at home with some drinks and whoever wants to join me to celebrate.
    New Years Resolutions…. I don’t really make them. I did have one I said I would make this year and now I can’t even remember what it was…. oops.
    More exercise and more balance in my life is what I really need to work on so without the resolution that’s where I am to spend some energy.

  5. I always make New Years resolutions for myself but I never stick to them. This year my resolution is to spend at least half an hour each day reading to my children. Hopefully they will develop a love of books and reading.

  6. Hmmm…who was that bright spark that invented New year’s Resolutions????
    I have made many in the past and yes, they hold on for a few weeks and then as life chugs along, they get put at the back of the closet like all those unwanted chrissy presents…
    At the end of the day resolutions worry me- only because as women, we tend to place so much emphasis on succeeding in all that we do yet when we fall short (on those rare occasions …) we come down so very hard on ourselves. These days I don’t dwell on making resolutions, instead I look towards the future and make a mental list of all the things and people in my life for which i am blessed- and yay that makes me feel truly happy- AND lucky 🙂
    As far as new Year’s eve is concerned, a bottle of bubbly, some seafood and watching the fireworks on the big screen tv beats those unruly crowds and cab line-ups any day!!!!

  7. My New Years Resolutions are – to learn Korean so I can make my new sister in law feel more welcome to the family. More random acts of kindness (hoping people will pass this on) and of course to get on that Treadmill lol. Hope everyone has a great new years!!

  8. I am going to a STEP class next Wednesday. I probably won’t eat much better but i will try to regularly burn it off! This year I will fit back into my favourite clothes.

  9. My New Years Resolution is to enjoy my life to the full as the last year has been fairly awful for us. I also want to get fit and healthy so I can keep up with my resolution! Happy New Year to everyone and I hope its a prosperous and awesome time for all.

  10. My New Year’s Eve resolution will be to get in shape, eat right and encourage my family to do the same by cooking healthy foods and eating lots of fruits and veg and exercising regularly. Also I would like to learn the language, Italian.
    I’ve always wanted to understand it as my husbands Mother’s side is Italian and I’ve never gotten around to it. So this 2012 will be the year! 🙂

  11. I stopped making News Year’s Resolutions a few years ago, simply because it excused me from not keeping them! However, I do want to take this new year as the beginning of my weightloss journey all over again (yeah, yeah, yeah…..we’ve all tried that one). With about 25 kilos to lose, I reckon by the end of the year I should get there. Wish me luck!
    As for actual celebrating New Year’s Eve? I will be at work until at least 10pm so no plans have been made. We didn’t do anything last year & prior to that we had or went to street parties. Hubby not 100% well at the moment & 4 kids ranging from 4 – 16 makes it hard to do something to cater for everyone. So I’ll probably stay up with the kids & we’ll all head to bed shortly after the clock ticks over to the new year.
    Happy New Year everybody!

  12. My new years resolution, I’ll keep till January, these resolutions I stick to, this year it is to keep fit, eat healthy and lose weight. Just like everyone else. But we plan to do it while seeing the south island we have been planning this for the last four years, this time before I sit down to study IT Service and Support at NMIT.

  13. I have given a lot of thought to the resolution business and come to some decisions. I have been in & out of hospital all year and have serious ongoing health issues. I lost 15kg with my last bout and I don’t want to put it back on and want to lose at least another 15kg. I am going to make a schedule this year to achieve certain tasks by a given time period. I am also determined to put in a certain amount of hard toil on a regular basis to help me get the place the way I want and also to help me in my weight loss. I also intend to give up the cigarettes for good this time around. My last attempt I went 23 months. It will be a quite New Year for us as we live in a village of 6 properties. We have just had a communal welcome dinner for a new couple living in a tent & bus who are going to build here, so we will slowly grow by one more house. I wish everyone a very Happy Healthy & Lucky 2012. Cheers.

  14. my resolution is to continue with my weight loss I have so far lost 35 kilos and have another 40 to go that is a big one for me but the biggest one I am GOING to acheive is to be able to help my kids through this year 3/4 are special needs so I am going to help raise awareness about autism and aspergus which in return will help my children

  15. I have rarely if ever made a New Years Resolution, because I know it is normally a spur of the moment event. Normally I just say to myself, “this year just be the best that you can be”, and that way I have never disappointed myself and have nothing to feel guilty about.

  16. I keep hearing the phrase Urge To Purge in my head and am adopting it as my motto for 2012.

    Purge ————-

    Excess Weight


    Excess stuff… I have a habit of buying household things and then finding I already had one/some.

  17. My new years resolution is to look after myself, be happy and heal. I don’t go further than that. I don’t really know many people who actually stick to their new years resolutions anyway.

  18. I don’t make them, they’re pissed promises that never come to fruition! Better I aim my energy to more productive and pressing issues.

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