Look Good, Feel Good!

We all know that people perform better when they feel that they look good, so why not apply this to your gym workout?

Sure it is easy to drag on some cut off tracky pants and your boyfriend’s old footy top, but if you’re eager to make sure that when you’re headed to the gym you look and feel your best, check out our top six tips and feel motivated, confident and give it your all!


Wearing colour is a great way to make you feel energetic while working out. Wearing brightly coloured tops paired with dark pants is a great way to make colour work for your body, not betray it. Try Lorna Jane for bold prints, bright colours and daring designs inspired by international runway trends.


Layers are essential to maintain body temperature throughout your workout –add or remove as you warm up and cool down– but they can do more for you than just providing practicality.

Layering your workout gear is a great way to make your body appear slimmer, even when you’re wearing bold colours. Try wearing a longer coloured singlet under a darker top or zip up vest.

lorna jane

Dress for your workout

There is a big difference between yoga pants and running pants, even though they might look similar! Fila has a range of pants, tights and shorts to suit any activity, so you can pick and choose the best styles to suit what you plan on doing that day.


Having a brightly coloured drink bottle, yoga mat, wristband and runners is a great to add more fun into your outfit and make you feel like a pro at the gym. For the latest in fashionable workout shoes, Skechers has some on-trend options in bright neons and don’t skip Authentic Factory Outlet for a stylin’ Converse gym bag to carry all your gear.

Choose the right fabric

When choosing workout clothes always pay attention to the fabric. A breathable material that wicks moisture and is anti-pilling will help keep you looking and feeling fab; for this, Podium Sports stocks a range of different style gym clothes in hi-tech fabrics and colours. Also think about how often you wash your gym clothes and choose a good quality fabric that won’t shrink or fade!

Be comfortable

Being comfortable is essential to looking good at the gym. Choosing the right sports bra that keeps you ‘in place’, and a picking tops and pants that won’t ride up can make all the difference to your workout!

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