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Palm Beach Collection is an eco-friendly Australian company specialising in a range of lifestyle products to revitalise and energise.

The all natural Palm Beach Collection is an affordable range of gorgeous hand-poured scented candles and reed diffusers.

The extensive fragrance collection includes Vintage Gardenia, White Rose and Jasmine, Fig, Cassis and Mandarin, Nautical, Thyme, Sandalwood, Coconut and Lime, Honey and Peach Blossom and the list goes on.

Siblings Kirsten Walker and Mike Grey developed this incredible collection of eco-friendly soy wax and essential oil candles out of a shared love of Sydney’s inspirational natural landscape and an entrepreneurial spirit, a range that rapidly expanded to include alcohol-free reed diffusers and has more products slated for release in 2011.

palm beach collection

Palm Beach Collection is a family owned and run Australian company by a passionate team determined to ensure their product remains Australian made close to their roots, and the roots of the business, in Sydney.

Research and development has seen the duo travel the globe over a number of years to create exquisite fragrances with the help of leading international perfume experts. Less than two years ago Palm Beach Collection was a humble start-up and now it is recognised amongst the best Australian made and owned candle collections and is stocked in more than 200 retailers across the country.

These candles are beautifully packaged in a classic box that screams elegance and come with their own box of Palm Beach Collection matches inside. The actual candles are in beautiful sealable glass jars, simplistically chic and gorgeously scented. I am burning a White Rose and Jasmine at the moment and the scent subtly permeates the entire house.

Various scents trigger emotional responses to make people feel happy, energised, relaxed and numerous other responses depending on the scent. Some of the ones included in the Palm Beach Collection are:

  • French Vanilla – remedy for fevers, has been described as an aphrodisiac and often found in aromatherapy oils
  • French Lavender – headache relief, insect repellent, sleep aid and a recent study indicated it can be effective for alleviating anxiety and sleep disturbances.
  • Coconut and Lime – energises the body and mind with its fresh vibrant scent.
  • Patchouli and Musk – Patchouli assists with relieving fear and anxiety and can help with shyness, stress relief, tension and is very calming.

Candle Collection and Diffuser Collection products are available from $34.95. That’s for a 400ml candle, which equates to approx. 80 hours burn time and has two wicks for an even burn or a 250ml diffuser which will last approx. 5 months.

The Deluxe Candle range is $109.95 and that’s for a 2Lt candle which will burn for 180 hours and has 4 cotton wicks.

For more information about Palm Beach Collection and to find your nearest stockist please head over and visit them at

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    1. Coconut and Lime sounds yummy. I’m loving my White Rose and Jasmine right now, and I don’t usually like Jasmine. 🙂

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