Win a Bathroom Makeover Pack From Everloc


This revolutionary range blends polycarbonate and stainless steel with eye-catching results and is designed to complement interiors, whilst providing a quick and affordable update to bathrooms and kitchens.  Employing the patented dual-action suction technology, the Xpressions range requires NO tools, NO drilling, and NO screw-driving to install leaving NO damage on surfaces. The newly launched Xpressions range is ideal for DIYers, renters and the style conscious.

Store hair care products and shower gels neatly in the bathroom with the Xpressions Double Corner Basket ($64.95) and Large Shelf (RRP $49.95), store toiletries conveniently in the Xpressions Shower Caddy (RRP $34.95). Dental essentials can also be housed within easy (and hygienic) reach in the Xpressions Dental Station (complete with a polycarbonate “floating floor” to prevent mould build up on toothbrushes – RRP$42.95).

Long Shelf 214

Features and benefits of the Xpressions range include;

  • Smart, sophisticated storage for your home.
  • All products are made from rust-resistant Stainless Steel, perfect for wet areas.
  • The polycarbonate addition to this range provides extra strength, durability and hygiene.
  • Easy to install. NO Tools required. NO Drilling. NO Screw-driving!
  • Hold up to 15kg.
  • All accessories are easily removed without leaving a trace, and can be reinstalled, time and time again so perfect if you are on the move.
  • Ideal for non-porous & porous* surfaces (*when used with Everloc Adhesive Disks).

For more info on how to install the Everloc Xpressions please refer to the instructional video at

For stockists visit or call 02 9830 5900. 

For your chance to win, tell us in the comment section below why your home needs this instant update.

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– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
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120 thoughts on “Win a Bathroom Makeover Pack From Everloc

  1. We rent so it’s very hard to find decent bathroom accessories that we can remove if need be but these are so stylish I love them.

  2. These bathroom gadgets would be ideal for my bathroom, the bathroom needs a major reno but this is a hugh expense these bathroom items would certinally improve the look in my bathroom

  3. Would love to win the Bathroom Makeover set from Everloc as having such a small bathroom and not being able to have much cabinet space having this set would help with storing all my products that are stored in a basket on the floor.

  4. We’re renting a lovely house with original bathrooms… with no towel rails! It was charmingly quirky at first but now it’s just bothersome. Our towels end up folded on the counter leaving no room for all the other necessities. I’d love to give the ensuite an Everloc makeover to turn it into a more relaxing, clutter-free space.

  5. I’m renting a house with a bathroom the size of a wardrobe, there is 6 of us sharing the bathroom 2 adults, 4 kids and 2 teens, I could really use some more storage and hanging storage that actually stays in place and doesn’t rust in a few weeks, I have everything from the kids toys, shampoos, makeup, men’s grooming to towels cluttering every available space it feels so messy and cramped, I need help!!!!

  6. My bathroom needs an instant update, it’s just tired and desperately needs a revamp. All my bottles of bath products are sitting on the floor of my shower, it would be great to store these in a stylish manner and clear the clutter. It would make cleaning my bathroom more enjoyable too because everything would have a place.The best thing is, I won’t have to nag my hubby to install these. I can proudly say.. I did it myself!

  7. I rent and the bathroom is so small and has no storage, i had to buy a cupboard to put in the hallway to store my bathroom essentials. This prize would be amazing, make my life so much easier and a relief.

  8. We have one unusually small shower for four people in my household so we all have to take our shower products in and out with us when we shower. The amount of times I’ve dropped things and snapped the pump dispenser off from wet hands is ridiculous!

  9. My husband and I are finally looking at buying our first home, I want to make it as special as I can so it’s welcoming to our family and friends.

  10. Our current shower rack is unstable and collapses on a daily basis. It’s always extremely awkward when you’re showering and have soap in your eyes… and then the soap rack collapses and you can’t see what you’re doing. It makes for a very slippery situation. This storage rack would be a VERY welcome addition and would help avoid any future shower related injuries.

  11. These products are sooo great! My family and I are renters, we keep ‘our’ home lovely as if it were our own. In the shower I currently have my shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap.. on the floor.. because the shower nozzle is strange and won’t hold a caddy! *Fingers crossed*

  12. Bathroom number two looking a tad sad at the moment with no spare funds to do anything with it. Cracked soap dishes, broken towel rail are just the beginning…by replacing with these new features can make a world of a difference.

  13. Our bathroom is extremely small with barely any storage space that most of my hair styling products have to be kept in my bedroom and moved into the bathroom each day – there is so much room on the walls but since we are renting we cant put even picture hooks up so I dont think they’d be happy with cupboards

  14. My bathroom is 26yrs old and the shower shelf fell down a long time ago. The shower floor is littered with my various shower necessities. Who knew that a girl would need so many items? The constant bending down to get the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, facial cleanser, etc makes it so my shower is more of a workout then the relaxing experience it should be.
    Everloc XPRESSIONS! range sounds just what I need to give my bathroom a revamp and it sounds as if i would be able to install everything without calling a tradesman….perfect.

  15. My current bathroom storage is not ideal because there is no insulation between the outside wall and the fitted cupboard so everything heats up to 40+ degrees on some days, thus a lot of my skincare and medicated creams are stored in cooler area of my bathroom and clutters up the room. An extra caddy or so would help with the current situation and stops things from being stored on the floor!

  16. I’m dreaming of a bathroom makeover as my kids have now moved on, time to upgrade to adult style and have some class and style

  17. Our place is small and pokey and limited with storage areas so we have to improvise. Everloc is one way we have been able to get some room in our bathroom.

  18. E=efficient
    V=very practical
    R=rust free
    L=light in weight
    O=organises all your needs
    C=clever design……………..sounds great, looks great and is great!

  19. The only storage I have in my bathroom is my window sill which I have to stand on top of the bath to reach, its only a matter of time before there is an accident 🙂

  20. I have 5 children who over the years have managed to wreck havoc on the bathroom in particular. It would be lovely to have some new improvements to make it feel more inviting…

  21. My bathroom resembles a cross between Toys r Us and the toiletries aisle in the Supermarket! We’d love this to take back bathroom control!!

  22. Working as a Wildlife Rescuer, all my funding is directed towards the care and rehabilitation of my courageous little wildlife rescues, so purchasing something wonderful like this is something I’m unable to do, to ensure my wildlife receive their care and rehabilitation.
    To have this beautiful and modern update in my own bathroom would be such a dream come true. Its so stylish and convenient and would certainly give my bathroom its mush needed update!! The fact its not permanently fixed to the wall is fabulous as no matter where I live in the future, this great bathroom makeover pack will come with me. Such a convenient storage solution which would benefit myself and the whole family! I have ALOT of facial cleansers and moisturizers on my bathroom and this would certainly keep my skin care range exceptionally organised!!

  23. I’m the most accident prone person EVER in fact I’ve just had stiches in my thumb aster DIY so would love a NO TOOLS bathroom fix. B est idea ever!! 🙂 🙂

  24. our home was made in the fifties and its starting to fail us a few quick bits of makeover here and there will make it more liveable

  25. These bathroom gadgets would be ideal for my bathroom, the bathroom needs a major reno but this is a hugh expense these bathroom items would certinally improve the look in my bathroom

  26. These would be much needed right now, we just bought a house which needs doing up in quite a few places around the house, the bathroom being one of them which needs some major attention, unfortunately cost is not on our side right now.

  27. Because we unfortunately we found out a year after buying our house that the not only the bathroom needed a makeover… but the foundation beneath the flooring was rotted and needed a make over too… thanks to a hidden leak and some dodgy workmanship! So unfortunately, there was no money left for anything from the floor up!

  28. My bathroom hasnt been renovated since the late eighties, so you can imagine what a nightmare that is for us…

  29. My bathroom is the next room to receive a mini make over. These stylish Everloc products will make the job so much easier.

  30. I’m currently building my first house (alone) and desperately need some amazing and practical bathroom accessories/storage options to start making it a home. These would be perfect!!

  31. We are about to foster a little 18 month old boy and we need everything up off the floor. This would be perfect.

  32. My boyfriend is accident prone and breaks things as he is tall, my bathroom has broken accessories on the wall.

  33. Our bathroom is quite small and storage is an issue. Love to jazz it up with some stylish pieces from the Everloc Xpressions range!

  34. My home is a place of peace and solitude. It has many rooms with dusty shelves filled with memories, and hallways of good intentions. The structure doesn’t matter as it’s held up by love and contentment. However, my bathroom sure could do with this makeover to ensure my family can always find the right products to enable them to leave the house with the right “XPRESSIONS!”!

  35. Looking tired and rundown…the bathroom is the last to get our attention with updating…so this pack will inspire us to get the ball rolling…

  36. My ensuite is soooooo small with no storage space bar a small double mirror cupboard and a miniscule sink…then there’s the shower which is so tiny that as I shower my elbows hit the glass….all the products I use have to sit around my feet on the floor as there’s nowhere to put anything…I’d love to have this Everloc product to stick up high in the shower and get my shampoos, conditioners, face cleansers, face scrubs, body washes, body scrubs off the floor. It would be life-changing 🙂

  37. My bathroom is small, dreary and depressing. As I’m currently on the Disability Support Pension due to severe illness I don’t have the funds to do the little touches that would brighten it up and make such a difference. This bathroom make-over pack would be a wonderful Christmas present and bring me much cheer :-).

  38. Our bathroom accessories we bought were supposed to be rust proof stainless steel, which they certainly aren’t. They don’t stay in position for long even though we have suction cups. We seem to have an exorbinate of shampoos. conditioners, body wash and baby products.
    Storage is at a premium.Dad even put a shelf above to toilet door to store spare toilet paper and cleaning products

  39. When i go to my daughters she has yet to put a Bathroom in the Granny flat where i sleep, so giving her this pack may hopefully give her a sutle hint

  40. This would be perfect in solving my storage issues, when you share the arguments are endless on what belongs to who in the bathroom.

  41. Child Number 2 is now so mobile. I need shower cleaners, hair products, other dangers out of the reach of little fingers. Xpressions products stylishly the ideal safety solution.

  42. This sophisticated and very handy product will fit perfectly in my bathroom because I am soon moving to my first owned house 🙂

  43. Need to be more organised and store my products better. Ideal as I don’t have much space and would be able to access products easier , keeping everything in order, neat and tidy.

  44. It is a excellent bathroom product to keep everything tidy and organized without breaking tiles. It is a product to which I am looking for my bathroom DIY. I do not need tools to fixe it . It is smart solution for save money for a big renovation idea.

  45. Being a single mum on disability…its hard getting things done
    and this would smarten up my bathroom without too much hard work….plus its an amazing range that will lift any bathroom 😀

  46. My brothers long term partner has just left him only 2 weeks after purchasing their first home. He has no idea what to do with the decorating and I would love to be able to contribute with this prize.

  47. I have products everywhere,so this will be great to get organized…and i can put them out of reach of my 5yr old daughter who loves to get into my products.thanks.

  48. A great space saver,
    It would do me a favour,
    Of not having them on the floor,
    A good reason to buy more.

  49. My bathroom was created in the 60’s with lavender tiles and paint. Even the sink and toilet are lavender. Let’s just say it’s not what I would’ve chosen.

  50. My bathroom is so dreary
    It would make you tears
    Any improvement would be for the good
    And improve it, this prize would
    So send it please, very soon
    And I will be positively over the moon.

  51. I love my beauty products and always run out of storage space in my bathroom. These stylish baskets would organise the out of control girl that lives in me! And even I can install them!

  52. Our place is so cluttered, winning this makeover would be wonderful to have quick and easy storage solutions for our mess!

  53. My husband keeps snapping our soapdish off by hitting it with his head (how he does this is beyond me). Help!

  54. My bathroom is sad
    and needs a makeover
    from tiles on the floor
    and into the shower
    An everloc pack to start with will do
    to hold my products like my shampoo

  55. A Double Corner Basket?
    A Dental Station?
    A Large Shelf?
    This is the stuff bathroom dreams are made of!!
    Good work Everloc Xpressions!!!

  56. My bottles are all on the bottom of the shower. I’m tiring of the heart sinking moments when I think I am about to slip and fall at times bending over to get a bottle.

  57. My bathroom has little storage for bathroom essentials, I’m also always picking up teenage son’s towels off floor and his haircare products off shower floor!!

  58. With four of us sharing one bathroom, the place is a mess! Everyone has about five items each, perched anywhere they can, it is such a mess! Help!

  59. It’s quick and easy to install. It’s superb storage for my home.
    All products are durable, and made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

  60. I’m a renter, and I’ve tried so many other options, options that seem to give up the ghost in the middle of the night, crashing down and scaring the hell out of me. But Everloc makes it so easy, not just to store my bath products, but to let me sleep through the night.

  61. My bathroom has no shelving or storage other than a small cupboard underneath the sink. I have one everloc bathroom caddy in my shower for my shampoo and conditioner but to do the whole bathroom with everloc would not only be awesome and matching, but ever so convenient for my storage situation.

  62. I could trip over the number of bottles, scrubs, razors and whatever in the shower. Ever-KNOCKing stuff over and revealing dirt. I’d love some SHELF satisfaction with Everloc, I’d be DRILLED to bits not having to drill too!

  63. When you can’t afford a massive change, changing a few small things can make all the difference and since a change is as good as a holiday, we all need a change.

  64. This would be perfect for storing baby bathroom products in the shower of our new rental property. We have gone from two bathrooms to one, and sharing space is somewhat tricky.

  65. My bird needs perches in the shower because all he has to sit on is my head…. it’s really hard to wash my hair!

  66. My bathroom is in need of a makeover because my Grandson is scared of the bathroom, his Xpressions weren’t happy ones.

  67. Our bathroom is over 30 years old and everything in the room is outdated, broken or rusty and well used. Would love to update to this century and feel what others feel in their bathrooms, (a sense of pride would be a good thing)

  68. My bathroom needs a stylish makeover. My bathroom décor has outlasted my marriage & would qualify as “Vintage” on Ebay. These Everloc products would make an easy transformation.

  69. After looking at this wonderful bathroom addition, I am realizing how shabby my bathroom looks and this wonderful prize would look fantastic in my bathroom

  70. I would absolutely love to win this prize as my bathroom is really depressing at the moment. We rent our apartment so we’re not allowed to have much freedom in our decoration, and a beautiful bathroom would make me start my day on a cheerful note!

  71. my bathroom could use an update and i would love to keep things out of reach of my toddler but there are not many options when you rent

  72. I really want to modernise the old bathroom. And I love your products that would do so much in assisting me in getting the exact look that I am after. I have told friends a few weeks ago that i was looking around for items instead of the old Plastic Coated pieces that I have in my shower. And they said well we will see what you can do; this would really show them what your products could do for me.

  73. Everloc Xpressions would make a huge impression, I rent, it’s outdated my bathroom is well hated, and we definitely need to update it!…..

  74. Terrifying toddler and terrible two year old are coming to holiday here.
    I desperately need the stylish Everloc Xpressions products to keep dangerous cleaning products out of harms way.

  75. a I have just moved an would l a new modern look,the suction shelf would be ideal as my tootbrsh currently falls through one I have,so annoying

  76. The perfect bathroom makeover pack for me, I own way too many personal care products, I need this quick fix to get my bathroom looking stylish and organised!

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