What is Chinese Acupressure?

The Chinese often refers to acupressure as “Finger Acupuncture”, because fingers are used to apply pressure at various points along the body instead of inserting needles.

Acupressure practitioners access and release blocked or congested energy centres within the body and Acupressure massage stimulates and activates the body’s energies to fight illness and restore harmony.


The body has more than 600 pressure points and Acupressure is used in differing combinations as a treatment for many ailments, such as sinusitis, headaches and, along with Acupuncture, has a 75 per cent success rate in helping people to stop smoking.

Exercise physiologist Merendi Leverett from Merendi Health & Wellness said Acupressure could be used similarly to Acupuncture.

“We incorporate Acupressure if a client does not like needles, because it works on the same points as Acupuncture, without needles. Our patients experience positive outcomes with this treatment,” Merendi explained.

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