Win a Year’s Supply of Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid

Win a year’s supply* of the NEW Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquid! Available in two fabulous fragrances, Vanilla & Berries and Violet and Apple Blossom, it contains a rich formula which cuts through hard to move grease with ease –  ensuring a delightful dishwashing experience and leaving dishes sparkling clean.

Packaged in two unique and striking designs, Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquid is the ultimate bench top accessory for your kitchen. Colgate Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquids are available at Woolworths.


* year’s supply equates to 5 bottles of Divine Blends 700 mL

We have 6 prizes up for grabs, each contains 5 x bottles of 700ml Divine Blends Dishwashing Liquid.

For your chance to win tell us which is your least favourite household chore and why.

Competition closes 30/05/14 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
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161 thoughts on “Win a Year’s Supply of Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid

  1. Washing – the hanging out, bringing it in, folding it and putting it away, ironing it such a draw out chore.

  2. cleaning the shower, I bump my head on the soap holder, just can’t ever seem to get the screen crystal clean and then I need a shower after but feel like I am dirtying it again!

  3. The shower cleaning is my least favourite chore. Such a repetitive, thankless task that does not get any easier, no matter what products I use.

  4. I really hate cleaning window and door runners. The best way I have found to clean them is with a tooth brush or small paint brush.

  5. Folding the washing and putting it away.. don’t mind washing it, hanging it and bringing it in.. but oh my it just piles up so quickly.!

  6. I hate cleaning the windows as it’s such a tedious and boring chore that seems to take forever to do. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

  7. Looking up high for spider webs
    Intricately woven in the dead of night
    With my broom held high
    Ducking and weaving the dust
    I know that jumping with fright
    Will have the spiders grinning and returning tonight!
    What is the point of this household chore?
    When tomorrow I know there will be many more!

  8. Cleaning the shower, I dislike it so much, that my lovely husband “volunteers” to do that job.

  9. I do hate doing the dishes, I USUALLY do a Bad job washing them.. So the family jumps in and says they will do them lol (it worked) 😉

  10. Scrubbing the bath is my least favourite household chore because it’s breaks my back -ouch-crunch-pop
    & my knees don’t like it either!!!

  11. With three kids aged nine and under
    The laundry’s a nightmare, is it any wonder?
    There’s uniforms, pj’s, undies and jeans
    In hues of blacks, greys, orange and greens!
    When one round is over, another begins
    My washing machine must be dizzy, oh how she spins!
    It’s a never-ending cycle, worse in winter of course
    Without a dryer, they need to dry on the horse.
    It’s the chore I despise, my laundry’s over-flowing
    And I imagine it’ll get worse as the kids continue growing!!

  12. I hate cleaning the toilet!! It’s always filthy and germy and never stays clean long! Just having to have my face close to the bowl and my hands in there (albeit in long gloves!) makes me feel ill

  13. Washing the dishes! They pile up so quickly and I feel like it never ends! Stuck-on food, greasy plates, it’s the worst!

  14. I will tacke any job around the house, but I really hate washing & wiping up.It’s a morning,noon & night thing.UGH

  15. I was going to say ironing but I don’t do it much anymore….but today a new frontrunner appeared which is cleaning up dog poo from the carpet. Not only is it the most thankless and unglamorous household chore buti ended up with neckpain afterwards thanks to the intense scrubing.

  16. I detest doing the dishes, scrubbing & scouring is the last chore I enjoy doing…
    Thats why its the kids job! 😀

  17. Cleaning the shower, it’s like the never ending chore. Clean it only to have it filthy again that same night, and none of the cleaning products for showers deliver on their miraculous promise to make it clean by mere magic, it’s a shitty job, scrubbing, wiping, making sure the soap scum and any traces of vile mold are gone.

  18. Is it tragic that I don’t have a least favourite? I see housework as a free workout, putting in my all and making a workout out of it.

  19. All of them haha! But if I had to pick one, it honestly would be dish-washing: it’s like “oh you cooked a healthy nice meal instead of getting take-away? Here, let me reward you with a sink full of dirty dishes and prune hands!!”

  20. I hate cleaning the area in the kitchen cupboard under the sink where the rubbish bin is – I often find old mouldy grapes and old tea bags and whatnot on the ground there that didn’t quite make it into the bin and it stinks sooo much!

  21. The floor of the toilet. Not because it has wee (or worse stuff on it!) but because our toddler loves bringing in his old Play-Doh in there to play with while I do my business and so there’s all these dried up hard bright orange Play-Doh bibs and bobs in there.

  22. I used to hate dusting, I’d think I’d have done a good job, but then the sun shines through the window, and you see if you missed a bit. Even if you didn’t miss one tiny spot, the sunshine shows it all building up again.
    Do you know what though? I’m no longer able to do any of our housework anymore, and I’d give nearly anything to to do my own dusting again.

  23. The worst household chore for me is ironing. I feel it is never ending, it is torture especially in the summer and no one can appreciate how much work goes into it unless they have to do it. When I see my hubby throw freshly ironed clothes around my heart skips a beat!

  24. My least favourite household chore is doing the dishes especially after cooking up a big feast because it takes ages to get the kitchen clean and tidy again. Although using Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid would make it more bearable as it would do a lot of the work for me.

  25. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favourite chore because I always feel as though as soon as I have it sparkling clean it gets dirty again, it’s a vicious cycle!

  26. 3 males (husband, 2 sons) + 2 bathrooms + 3 toilets … can you guess which job(s) I hate doing in my house???!!! Body hair ‘carpet’ on the bathroom floor, poor aim resulting in wee dribbles, basins coated in shaved chin bristles, saturated bathmat and puddles of water on floor after showering, toothpaste splatter on the mirrors/basins/anywhere within 5m radius of basin – need I say more?!

  27. Ironing. With 6 people in the house, you finish one lot and think YES, but then you turn around and there’s more stuff to be done.

  28. My least favourite chore is washing the bath tub! We have a shower/bath so I end up climbing in and cleaning it just before I shower because it is a sweaty task.

  29. My worst household chores are a toss-up between the garbage bin and ironing! The first makes me want to throw up the latter is so dull and boring I would rather listen to a radio talk back show (in a language I don’t even speak) while plucking my armpit hair, than press metal to cloth! Nevertheless these chores have to be done!

    To combat the bin stench I sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in the bottom in a bid to deodorise the bin just a little. A few quarter slices of lemon or lime in the bins help with the pong too, which gives me an excuse to indulge in a few Gin & Tonics or Lemon, Lime and Bitters just so I can throw the leftover citrusy slices in the bin.

    When it comes to ironing I can only manage it in small bursts or I lose the will to live! Ha, ha! I set up the ironing board in the lounge and plonk the basket of clothes next to it. I then settle down on the couch to watch my weekly dose of “Bold and the Beautiful” which I have recorded. I iron one or two things every ad break and then settle back on the couch in between ads for my next installment of what my husband calls “brothel TV”! This makes ironing just bearable!

    Adding a little spark to the things you dislike doing can make them just that little bit more enjoyable!

  30. I dislike getting the washing off the line……..once it’s all folded it barely fits in the cupboards and I swear the kids just chuck the folding on the floor. So I’m good up to that point!!

  31. All day long it’s the pile I ignore
    the next day – wait it’s doubled and become more.
    No it isn’t the washing, the dusting, the vacuuming or sweeping the floor
    It’s one thing I can stand no more
    not the kids whining in fact it would have to be the……………..


  32. The oven! ugh! My ovens so old, no matter how much I clean it, it still looks dirty! I use my oven a lot, so the grease builds up & even with foil on the bottom its still a disgusting tedious erky job 🙁

  33. I find cleaning to be quite satisfying…looking at it afterwards and seeing what a difference it makes! However, we all have a least favourite and mine would be folding clothes!

  34. Doing the dishes. I seem to spend half the day at the sink with dishpan hands.. Hurry up husband and get a dishwasher!

  35. Cleaning my oven. I try every trick not to use it so it doesn’t get dirty and I have to clean it.

  36. The yukky chore of washing dishes,
    For them to disappear, oh! I wishes 🙂
    No sooner have I washed, they reappear,
    Im sure they grow legs, never to disappear!!

  37. Vacuuming is awful, especially if you hate your vacuum as much as I do. Lugging it around everywhere is awful. And, as a bonus, the vacuum never reaches every spot in your home without requiring a re-plug job.

  38. I know it sounds so trivial but I detest taking the washing out of the mashing and hanging….really don’t know why, I know it’s not that bad.
    It just irks me knowing there is a load that needs doing!!

  39. Funnily enough, I hate doing the dishes! There’s always Weet-Bix stuck to a bowl that’s impossible to clean off!

  40. I find myself having to ‘bite my tongue’ when mopping, as someone is always guaranteed to leave their track marks on my shiny clean floors.

  41. Cleaning the oven. It’s a job I put off till it’s really bad then it’s impossible to clean without getting black muck all over the floor!

  42. Ironing – i’m ‘Hard Pressed’ to find anything more mind-numbingly boring and painful

  43. Cleaning the shower, I seem to be the only one who notices it needs doing and it’s so gross!

  44. I HATE cleaning the toilet. Just thinking of all the germs and whats been in there makes me feel ill. Give me washing up dishes any day!!

  45. Exit molding the thought of build up bacteria and other yucky thibgs that just shouldn’t be there, plus it’s all slimy and Grosse even worse when you have to clean the hair out of the drains! The Snell of the exit mold spray sends me in circles!

  46. Mine is ironing, just hate it with a passion! I put it off all the time, hate standing there and ironing, wish every thing could be ironing free, especially shirts!

  47. It’s Ground Hog day here in this house, day in and day out, the mess never leaves me in any doubt that the chores of a household of six, makes choosing the least favourite chore quite a pick!

    But if I had to choose, it would be folding the clothes and putting them away, something that not even a rainy day can enthuse me to do!

  48. hard to pick just one least favourite but if I had to choose, it would definitely be ironing. such a waste of time!

  49. I hate cleaning the bathroom, which includes the shower, toilet and basin. Luckily, I don’t have a bath, or I’d be cleaning that too!

  50. Out of all the household chores,
    The one I hate most is mopping the floors,
    Because without fail, as soon as they’re clean
    They’re filthy again – it’s just plain mean 🙂
    Dropped food and muddy boots,
    I’m sure my whole family is in cohorts
    I roll my eyes let out a sigh,
    And clean them again – though I’m not sure why……

  51. Cleaning the floors. It’s never ending.

    They are my Sydney Harbour Bridge – I just reach the finish & I have to start again.

    (I think I’d rather paint the Sydney Harbour Bridge.)

  52. I don’t think there’s a cleaning job
    That I could say I enjoy at all,
    Cleaning in general isn’t fun,
    Doing it I don’t have a ball.
    Scrubbing the bathroom and shower
    Is awfully hard on my knees,
    And lifting the lid of the loo
    Makes me shudder and say “Oh please!”
    Dusting all my bits and pieces,
    Sees dust bunnies dance in the air,
    I sneeze and my eyes water,
    And fluff gets in my hair.
    Mopping and vacuuming make me ache,
    And the laundry is really a chore,
    And don’t get me started on ironing,
    I hate it with passion you can’t score.
    You ask why I so loathe the ironing?
    It’s boring and takes too much time,
    Who cares if clothes have a crease?
    If they’re clean, then I sure don’t mind.
    I’d rather have teeth pulled without anaesthetic,
    Than do ironing for hour after hour,
    Oh to have a “magic wand” so it’s magically done,
    Boy of boy, would I enjoy that Power!

  53. I hate mopping because I have 4 kids and I need all of them outside to do the job properly but it hardly ever seems to work out!

  54. I hate cleaning the windows and sliding glass doors as it takes so long.They never look very clean and often are covered in handprints and smudges before long 🙁

  55. cleaning the shower, I bump my head on the soap holder, just can’t ever seem to get the screen crystal clean and then I need a shower after but feel like I am dirtying it again!

  56. Cleaning the windows because no sooner have I cleaned one and the kids come along looking for me and stick their faces against the glass trying to see me.

  57. Cleaning the shower recess – I can’t get it clean enough – so I have outsourced it. Fantastic idea!

  58. I dislike ironing so I try and hang my clothes out on the line on coathangers so I don’t need to iron them.

  59. Doing the dishes is my least favourite thing. I can’ t stand the dirty water. I would much rather have a dishwasher so things were sparkly clean but for now I have children…..

  60. I really detest washing floors because I am really finicky about them am not satisfied unless I wash them on my hands and knees and get every bit of dirt however the knees are no longer as willing as they used to be.

  61. Removing spider webs from my clothes line on a daily basis is my number 1 hate. Every morning I find more despite having sprayed it with various products including surface spray and wiping the initial location of the webs with turpentine.

  62. I hate the HUGE piles of clean washing, housed in several baskets that NEVER seem to empty and but become mountainous… and crumpled as items are searched for….I’d love these plies to miraculously disappear into their cupboards and drawers.

  63. The shower- it’s impossible. And so is the oven.
    Oh, and the dishes are never-ending,
    So I’d rather do none of ’em

  64. Ironing: I admit I’ve never been any good at it – I blame being left handed but I suspect its my lack of patience that’s the real problem. Recently my ironing board was broken which was a great excuse not to iron while I looked for a new ironing board I liked. Eventually my husband pointed out that I was never going to find a ironing board I liked! He was right (but don’t let him know I said that).

  65. I do not particularly like cleaning at all i find it a chore and is very hard for me to get down to do it but unfortunately has to be done

  66. Washing curtains – I can do everything written on the laundering label, and when I re-hang them, they are at least 6cms shorter – grrrr!

  67. My least favourite chore is delegating the chores, I know I will have to go back and re-do them anyway.

  68. Least favourite household chore is:

    Cleaning the toilet is bad enough,
    but with kids and their accidents,
    the combination is YUCK.
    The smell, wee and pooh on the floor,
    makes me gag and run out the door.

  69. Least favourite chore is definitely tidying the craft room, because i get sidetracked and start planning out my next crafting adventure! it’s a little hard to control my crafting urges 🙂

  70. I HATE washing the dishes! My hands go wrinkly, I chip my nail polish, burn myself and always end up soaked!

  71. With three preschoolers and a cat, I have to scrub the carpet because vacuuming is not enough – I HATE it!

  72. Cleaning the oven – if the fumes of the cleaner don’t kill you the effort to get it clean will.

  73. Cleaning the toilet/bathroom – between boys and kids its a mess. The pingpong ball in the toilet still does not seem to assist in aiming!

  74. That dreaded bathroom. When I enter it I can almost hear it tempting me with “Clean me if you dare”. All the hard scrubbing and those blasted mould marks remain in the grout. The only salvation to rid those marks is bleach, which either overpowers me to the point of near fainting or I have to borrow my husband’s painting mask,/respirator, don gloves and almost look like a character from a space movie. Never does a job fill me with so much dread and the worst thing is knowing I have to do it all over again in the not too distant future.

  75. I love a steam bath
    I love a steam facial
    I love steamed vegetables and rice
    So why oh why do I hate steam ironing?
    Ignoring it is my greatest vice!

  76. When I was a kid, my mother chained me to the vacuum cleaner and said make friends. I never did. I despise vacuuming. Back and forth, under the couch, around the table, dust in my nose and the incessant noise sucking all pleasantness from my mind.

  77. Cleaning the fridge I dislike with a passion, I wish there was a product that did this. Spills and crumbs get stuck to the cold trays and you can’t clean properly without taking everything out and washing in warm soapy water.

  78. Dishes. Nothing worse that eating a great meal and then getting up to do the dishes. With bending over the sink and scrubbing the pots and pans, gives me a sore back, especially when your belly is full.

  79. Dusting because it is tedious moving every object to clean then before you know it the dust settles in the same spot again.

  80. The ironing mountain’s there for all to see,
    a pile of creased and crumpled laundry,
    it’s my chore tedious, I just can’t get serious..
    so I leave it all to my lovely hubby!
    (He’s better at it than me!)

  81. I hate cleaning windows! Maybe if I could get them streak free it would be different. But all that work and I still get streaks!

  82. Cleaning light shades is my pet hate.. Get the little ladder out, climb up to the light, dismantle the shade. Down the ladder, to the sink. Wash the shade, dry the shade, up the ladder and reassemble. Are you getting my drift? And that’s ONLY ONE of the shades!!!! lol

  83. Cleaning the cat’s litter tray,
    First thing in the morning,
    When he misses it goes astray,
    Between my toes without warning!

  84. Taking the bin liner out when it is full and torn and you have smelly garbage that’s fallen out on the floor and in the bin.

  85. Mopping our tiled floors, takes forever and you can guarantee someone will walk on it before it’s dry!

  86. I’ve got a little confession, I don’t mind cleaning inside …
    But when it comes to cleaning gutters I tend to run and hide!!
    My husband thinks I’m crazy – it’s not just about the mess…
    Cleaning cleanses my soul and to that I must confess!
    Just keep me away from pavers, weeding, gutters, ants…
    Anything mother nature aided sends shivers down my back!

  87. Cleaning the toilet and surrounds really makes me feel yukky and even with gloves I don’t like doing it

  88. Cleaning the oven, I can never get it to sparkle, for starters the door doesn’t come off so im awkwardly trying to scrub and I end up with a nostril full of chemicals!

  89. Cleaning the shower and we have two in our house..they get mouldy grout too quick,especially in winter

  90. I really dislike dusting-it never seems to really work,and i end up with bits everywhere!!!

  91. cleaning the fluff out of the clothes dryer…its like fingernails on a blackboard….you think “where did that goop come from?”

  92. Hate all housework, but especially washing dishes, and leave the cutlery for someone else. Think I must have been a downstairs maid in a previous life!

  93. Dusting is a chore, one that’s always a bore, rub away those little dust bunnies, but they seem to hop back, they’re not dummies. They’ll hide for a little while, then I see them them coming back in a hurry!

  94. Cleaning toilets is my hated chore,
    My husband’s ‘aim’ is very poor,
    He ‘hits’ the seat, the wall, the floor,
    (He has a lot to answer for!)

    And if I get up through the night,
    My ‘derriere’, gets such a fright,
    ‘Cause the seat he just won’t place upright.
    It’s wet and cold – and that’s not alright!

  95. I really dislike “cleaning windows”…it is hard work and there are so many of them, although by the time you’ve finished cleaning them inside and out you can suddenly “see yourself” in a new light!

  96. There are so many! I do hate cleaning the oven mostly though as it is so hard to get right in the back

  97. Cleaning the oven…back breaking, knees wrecked from getting up and down, hubby cracking jokes behind me!!!! Grrr!!!

  98. All of it, but to pick one, the washing, I know the machine does the hard part, but hanging out bringing in, folding and putting away is awful, it never seems to stop in this household.

  99. Smelly, relentless, no job satisfaction, no day off to look forward to… I LOATHE the daily scooping up the dear dog’s poo!

  100. Of all the many household chores,
    The one I really most abhor…
    Without a doubt, hands down, for sure
    Would have to be vacuuming the living room floor!
    It makes the rest seem almost fun,
    Scrubbing? Dusting? Those can be done!
    But when the dreaded vacuuming has begun
    My two poor doggies turn tail and run!

    Sensitive rescue pups, the vacuum equals fear
    They shake and cower if it comes near…
    When it’s vacuum time, they disappear
    And don’t return until the coast is clear!

  101. Cleaning bat gunge from the back steps. It’s thick, stinky, carries seriously nasty disease and happens all too frequently in beautiful sunny Queensland!

  102. My least favourite chore is definitely doing the dishes… so if I win this prize, that will be enough payment for someone else to do them for a year 😛

  103. I hate washing up by hand, it’s time consuming, plays havoc on my skin, and the dishes aren’t the only things left to dry out!

  104. I’d have to say the Kittens litter tray, its so smelly and gross, i can pretty much handle anything but that

  105. Cleaning air-conditioners in the tropics – I don’t mind mould I can’t see, but when it’s in my face – YUCK!

  106. I really ‘abhor’ cleaning the oven!
    All the grease & grime brings me to tears.
    Then the aching back – I could really carry on for years!
    But the thought of winning a Year’s Supply of Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid
    Reminds me we can save a quid.

  107. I absolutely hate vacuuming the worst chore ever especially when all you rooms are carpeted definitely want floorboards or tiles in the next house

  108. In my home the doom & gloom is cleaning the bathroom,
    cleaning the toilet and scrubbing the shower
    It’s now I wish I had a super power!!!

  109. floors are the worst we get so much dust in our place it’s a never ending battle to keep the floors clean

  110. I don’t like doing the dishes.
    A great liquid like Palmolive would be one of my wishes.
    The job would be done,
    It might even be fun!

  111. A years supply…..WOW. Last night my husband asked if this was the last bottle..I opened the cupboard…NO a couple more. I did share some! It is great and smells wonderful..very sudsy…only use a little and lasts through greasy dishes…what more could you ask of a dishwashing detergent?

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