Air Wick for Your Home

Air Wick have a range of products to keep your home smelling clean and fresh and there is something to cater for every fragrance need.

Filter and Fresh is a system which is plugged into a powerpoint and literally filters the air. Instead of masking any bad odours, the fan draws them in and emits a light fragrance. You can change the device to different speed settings to control the level of scent it creates.

Filter & Fresh - French Lavender & Shimmering Waters

This is available in Citrus Orange, French Lavender and Shimmering Waters and Tropical Lagoon and Hibiscus Flower. This works effectively in the living area to create a homely environment and isn’t too overpowering. The starter pack has an RRP of $19.95 and the refill / filter packs are $7.49 each.

Another Air Wick solution which is definitely my favourite is the Multicolour Candle. This smells amazing and when the candle is burning the glass jar changes the colours of the rainbow. This is a fun talking point for guests and really creates a unique atmosphere in any room.

Multicolour Black_Crackling Fire & Cinnamon Spice

Available in a range of scents, I for one will be purchasing more of these – and make sure you check out the limited edition multicolour black edition (pictured). RRP $9.99

Lastly is the Reed Diffuser. This is an unobtrusive product which you can set up and forget, with its glass container and natural rattan stem reeds. It looks decorative and comes in two scents with Midnight Blackberry and Vanilla Silk, and Freesia and Jasmine.


I like this one for my office area, it has an RRP of $9.99.

Three bright ideas to keep any area smelling lovely and I would certainly recommend them all.

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3 thoughts on “Air Wick for Your Home

  1. Great article as I have been looking at them in the shops the other day and couldn’t decided which one to get. You have just made up my mind.

  2. Love my home smelling lovely and with these great products it makes things feel so fresh and lovely and smelling divine

  3. I love Air Wick products. I’ve had the reed diffuser in my bathroom. For weeks, I was treated to glorious wafts of freesia and jasmine. Just divine.

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