AntiOx Chocolate and Snack Bars

I am a self confessed chocaholic, I don’t deny it and I make no excuses for it. Except when I’m trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle and severely limit my sugar intake, then I’ll make excuses for why I had to have the chocolate.

My chocolate excuses may have all just dried up though. I don’t need to make excuses anymore – I have justifications. Thank you AntiOx!

Milk chocolate was always my weakness but I’m learning that dark chocolate can be even more satisfying and I find it much richer so I am eating less right from the start.

To be completely honest, I was a little sceptical the first time I tried AntiOx but I was very pleasantly surprised. Even my super-sweet tooth children enjoyed their piece of AnitOx (that I only gave them thinking it would be too dark for them).

We are heading into the dark side of winter; the cold is getting colder and the mornings are getting frostier. The fact that I’m sitting next to a bright sunny window is a) rare and b) no indication of temperature because it’s STILL cold.

AntiOx Choc_Product

The cold weather is just one of many common factors that has a detrimental effect on health, some others being lack of sleep and stress – which I also have in spades with a 4 year old that refuses to sleep through the night in his own bed.

Antioxidants are a great way to help boost your immunity and keep you feeling healthy, which I know I could sure use at this time of year. Trying to get enough antioxidants isn’t always easy. I have started switching out a couple of my coffees for green tea during the day but that’s still not enough.

Vitality Brands have now created a product line that is set to help with this and I thank them for it sincerely because not only can I have guilt free chocolate but antioxidant packed means I can also claim health benefits.

AntiOx chocolate. Let me start by giving you an interesting little fact I just read – the Antioxidant hit is equivalent to 12 cups of green tea. The AntiOx chocolate is available in two different varieties, Goji and Acai, combining 70% cocoa dark chocolate with the superfruits for a rich and satisfying snack. Crush the cravings without the calories.

AntiOx Snack Bars really got my scepticism up because the texture of this type of bar can leave a lot to be desired. I was nicely surprised to find that these bars are tasty and don’t have that gritty texture. They are made with wholegrains, superfruits and forest fruits then covered in 70% cocoa dark chocolate. They are filling and will satisfy your munchie pangs and are available in Goji, Acai and Chia & Quinoa.

AntiOx products are naturally sweetened with Stevia, cutting out many excess calories.

AntiOx products are available at Woolworths, Coles, IGA and health food stores BUT before you go racing to the chocolate aisle let me direct you to the health section.

AntiOx Snack bars 40g – RRP $2.49
AntiOx Chocolate 80g – RRP $4.65

For more information visit them at:

And now, I think that’s all I had to tell you so I’m heading to the supermarket to refill my stocks.

5 thoughts on “AntiOx Chocolate and Snack Bars

  1. This chocolate sounds fantastic for my partner. He is a lover of dark chocolate and he drinks green tea all the time now. Definitely going to buy some next time at Coles for him to try. 🙂

      1. I looked for it during one of our Coles trips, but they didn’t have it. I am glad you have reminded me as we are heading for groceries tomorrow, different Coles so it is now written down on the shopping list. I’m hoping I can sneak it in without hubby seeing :-/

  2. Went to a different coles today and can’t find them anywhere. Will have a look when I go to Woolworths….which is not very often.

    1. It says on their website available from both Woolworths and Coles so it’s a pity you couldn’t find it. Let me know if you have any luck in the future 🙂

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