Recipe: Melon Breakfast Parfait

With warmer weather brings the desire for light and fruity breakfasts, like this delicious looking breakfast parfait.

A big tip for choosing the best rockmelons is to keep an eye out for firm, blemish-free skin with even netting around the entire melon. Wash uncut rockmelon under running water then refrigerate.

Melon Breakfast Parfait

Low fat banana yogurt
Banana slices
Toasted almonds or coconut

Breakfast parfait

In a large glass create the following parfait:
Bottom Layer: Muesli
Next Layer: Melon
Next Layer: Low fat banana yogurt
Next Layer: Muesli
Next Layer: Melon
Top Layer: Low fat banana yogurt
Garnish with a slice of banana, toasted almonds or coconut, and chunks of watermelon

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