REVIEW: Kimberley Miller Photography (Adelaide)

I had been following Kimberley Miller’s Facebook business profile for a while, and every time I saw photos from her shoots I was amazed at how beautiful they were. When I had my second baby I contacted Kimberley to arrange a family photoshoot and I was excited and a little nervous about the whole process.

I asked Kimberley why she wanted to be a photographer, “I guess it just came naturally, Ive always taken photos of everything but especially children. It was pointed out to me that I should take it further, so I did. I did several courses and invested in many cameras! Eventually I got to where I am today. Its extremely competitive and hard work but I could never give it up. I feel like its what I was born to do.”

sonny 1

The only professional photos I’d had taken before were in a studio, and I didn’t like how unnatural they looked and the room felt stuffy and our smiles fake. Besides that we had photos at our wedding, but the photographer was a family friend so we knew her and felt comfortable having her there.

From the moment I contacted Kimberley, her enthusiasm was obvious and she was extremely friendly. We arranged to meet at our house and go down to the park and go from there. When I opened the door to her it felt like meeting an old friend, she was so genuine and made our entire family relax from the word go. My three year old son was her biggest fan and when I discussed this with Kimberley she commented, “I become the child’s best friend and a lot of the time they don’t want to go home! This hopefully shows in my images. No fake smiles, its 100% that child.”


And that, is exactly what happened – I don’t think he has ever been as patient and well behaved as that day with Kimberley, she made him feel at ease and he was trying to impress her with his poses.

By looking at Kimberley’s photos, you would have to say she has a special talent when it comes to photographing children and babies,  she explains it like this, “Ive always had a bond with children, even as a young teen. I love the innocence, the magic that is childhood, they are so full of love and that their eyes are so open to the world. They take everything in and nothing is impossible. I also love the fact the photos I take will be looked at through the years to come and even by following generations. Thats a pretty special feeling.”

With extreme patience on a warm day, Kimberley took snap after snap of the four of us in all different combinations and at the end of the day I couldn’t wait to see how they turned out. She was quick to send the disk of images and even with a baby who was not having a good day (which she was completely understanding and flexible with), I am really happy with the results.

Kimberley’s secret?

“Photographing children means I get to capture this beautiful time and also be apart of it. Half the time I spend in photoshoot is getting that child to come out of their skin. I encourage and join in with whatever scenario or game they instigate.” This photo of Sonny flying planes as a pilot is his absolute favourite from the day!


Our family had a fantastic day with Kimberley, and in the end it wasn’t just about the photos – we all had a lot of fun and the photos are a really special reminder of a lovely family day, with a new friend who we would be quite happy to adopt.

If you are in South Australia and looking for photos, you should definitely contact Kimberley Miller Photography:

Phone: 040 090 2474

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  1. These photo’s truly are beautiful and an inspiration. You can actually tell that your kids were enjoying the day, totally.

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