Cup Couture Cupcoats

Nothing warms you up in the morning like a hot cup of coffee, and if you like to pick one up on your way to work then you need a Cupcoat from Cup Couture.

Cupcoats are “thermal sleeves for paper cups” that insulate your hands from the heat of your drink.

They come in a variety of fashionable designs, so even if you only like your occasional latte, tea or hot chocolate, you can now drink it in style!


Cupcoats come in one size, and will fit most disposable paper cups. They aren’t too bulky and are the perfect size for your hands. This is a great design, I am a busy girl and if something isn’t in my handbag its likely I’ll forget it – Cupcoats fold up neatly so you can have one on you at all times.

Not just for hot drinks, I have found my Cupcoat useful for cold drinks too. If you are treating yourself to a take away thickshake or icy drink the Cupcoat will stop your hands from getting cold!

This is such a fabulous idea, I can’t get over how useful it is, and the girly glamour makes them a must have for any woman.

cup coats

Cup Couture have an extremely high standard when it comes to quality, their product has to go through six quality checkpoints – so you know they will last.

You can wear your personality on your cup – whether you are a Diva, or want to go wild with their faux fur Beast range, there is a style to suit you. Not just limited for the girls, Cup Couture have a selection of Men’s Cupcoats as well.

Cupcoats are reusable, making them an eco friendly choice.

Highly recommended by Beauty and Lace: stylish, functional – genius!

Please visit for more information. Shipping available worldwide.

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