Mamee Chef Premium Instant Cup Noodles

Possibly my biggest complaint about being a grown up is that feeling that there is never enough time to get everything done. Whether you are working, studying, raising a family or a combination of all three, before you know it the clock has ticked on to 3pm and your stomach is rumbling because you didn’t have time to stop for lunch.

Mamee Chef have a solution for busy people with their new premium instant cup noodle range. All you need is boiling water, and in just 3 minutes you will be left with a tasty meal or snack whenever hunger hits. What makes these noodles so unique is the authentic Asian flavours which were created with the help of Malaysian celebrity, Chef Ismail.


There are three to choose from consisting of:

  • Curry Laksa with Dry Tofu and Vegetables
  • Tom Yam with Tasty Shrimp and Vegetables
  • Spicy Chicken Shiitake with Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables

mamee 1

After having tried all three flavours I do lean towards the Tom Yam as the others do have a slightly spicy kick to them, but all were enjoyable and you can whip them up at the same time you make that midday coffee. All the additions are packaged separately so if you choose not to add the vegetable mixes on occasion you don’t have to without sacrificing on the Asian influenced taste.

The brand uses pull noodles which is reflective of traditional noodles and the paste is made from real ingredients.


Here you have a product that is convenient for busy women on the go – you can keep the Mamee Chef Premium Instant Cup Noodles in the pantry at home or pop one in your handbag for a convenient and cost effective lunch at work, without sacrificing on flavour. I find these noodles easy to prepare and they fill you up while giving you a little taste of Asian cuisine wherever you are.

Mamee Chef $2.29 RRP per cup. Available in Woolworths supermarkets nationally. | | #MameeChef

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