The Benefits of Wholegrain

It is time to make the switch to wholegrain foods, as they can be beneficial to your health. By choosing foods such as brown rice, wholegrain bread and cereals it can help with weight loss and prevention of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

If you look at rice for example, it is naturally brown…yes, that is its most natural form. Rice has 3 layers, and for the brown kind only the top layer is removed.

White rice has 2 layers removed, and only one remains. It is then polished to make it taste better, but lots of the essential minerals and benefits are gone.

It is a similar process to create flour, wholegrain breads and wholegrain cereals.

Wholegrains have low GI, meaning they take longer to digest, keeping you fuller for longer. This makes it less likely you will have fattening snacks.

To test this theory, try eating a white bread sandwich for lunch and see how long it takes before you feel hungry again. Chances are you will be craving cakes and biscuits shortly afterwards.


Switching to wholegrain will keep you satisfied for longer, and keep your energy levels up without that sluggish afternoon feeling.

Wholegrains are more nutritious and are high in fibre which is vital for bowel health. They also contain goodies such as omega 3, complex carbohydrates (the good kind), antioxidants, protein, folate and a range of minerals, just to name a few.

You would have heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and by choosing wholegrain cereals you will give yourself the best start possible.


If you think white bread, rice and cereal taste better, experiment with different recipes and ingredients. Add banana or strawberries to cereal, fresh meat and salads to wholegrain bread and create interesting stir fries served with brown rice.

It won’t be long until you notice a change in how you feel, and eventually you will prefer the taste of wholegrain!

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