The Winter Survival Guide suggested by EatNow

Winter has settled upon us and for every day we see a peek of sun, we live through multiple days of mega chill and in the times of escalating power prices who doesn’t want some handy tips to stay warm without switching on the heater.

Today we have some great tips from the popular online food delivery service, they deliver the dinner goods as well as providing some dollar saving tricks to keep you warm when the temps are low outside.

Thanks for these great tips, as provided by EatNow.

Winter survival guide
Online food delivery service reveals the ultimate way to stay warm without coughing up for a heater

You survived the coldest winter months in years (#bigchill, anyone?), only to find there’s more cold days ahead.

The online food delivery God popular with young Australians,, not only delivers the goods when it comes to dinner, it has delivered the goods when it comes to dollar saving tricks to keeping warm when it’s cold outside.

With that in mind, it’s time to get cleverly toasty. Let EatNow present to you its top 6 tips to survive winter.

Using the oven as a heater.
We’re not saying turn the oven on and open the door because you could be in for a nasty bout of CO2 We’re merely suggesting that when the oven’s turned off after keeping your pizza warm while you enjoy a slice – or two – and it’s cooling down, you should pop that door open and let the warm air enter your living quarters.

Where to get pizza from some top rated restaurants in each state
NSW: Secret Slice Pizza and Pasta, 1/3-5 Anthony Road, West Ryde (4.75/5 stars)
Vic: Wise Guys Pizzeria, 252A Dandenong Road, St Kilda East (4.25/5 stars)
ACT: Mills and Grills Pizzas, Shop 4, Kesteven Street, Florey (4.25/5 stars)
Qld: Three Kings Pizza, Shop B, 310 Olsen Avenue, Parkwood (4.75/5 stars)
SA: Hanson Pizza Bar, 169a Hanson Road, Woodville North (4.25/5 stars)
WA: Pappa’s Pizza, 18/200 Spencer Road, Thornlie (4.75/5 stars)


Hot chocolate with a twist.
Hot chocolates are great in winter, we have a trick to make it even more indulgent and warm you up from the inside out. Add a spoonful (or two, depending on how much you love it) of Nutella to your hot chocolate and mix. In fact, why stop at arctic temperatures? Enjoy this one all year round.

Where to get hot chocolate from some top rated cafes in each state
NSW: Beretta Café and Pizza Bar, 211 Ramsgate Road, Ramsgate Beach (4.25/5 stars)
Vic: Lava in Balaclava, 219 Carlisle Street, Balaclava (4.25/5 stars)
Qld: Café Briz, 55 Boundary St, South Brisbane (5 stars)
SA: Lakeside Café, Shop 2/69 Sir Ross Smith Blvd, Oakden (4.25/5 stars)
WA: Gulati’s Café, D 935 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park (4.75/5 stars)

Flu fighting remedy.
This is one remedy that you can make using the takeaway condiments you have lying around. Order some extra lemon, ginger and chilli on the side next time you order Thai and instead of putting them in your meal, make a soothing hot winter drink. The tip here is to add the ingredients into your glass first, cover them in some cold water and then add the hot water. Run out of sriracha? No problem, just order extra when you order in.

Where to get Thai from some top rated restaurants in each state
NSW: Ivory Thai, 4/144-148 Coxs Road, North Ryde (4.25/5 stars)
Vic: Thai Culinary, 433 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (4/5 stars)
ACT: Chong Co Thai Restaurant and Bar, 327A Westfield Belconnen Lathlain Street, Belconnen (4.5/5 stars)
Qld: Chai Thai, 148 Merthyr Road, New Farm (4.25/5 stars)
SA: Fresh N Yummy, 1/9 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth (4/5 stars)
WA: Wealthy Thai Cuisine, 259 Berwick St, Victoria Park (4.25/5 stars)


Increase your body temperate with food.
This one is a no brainer. Order foods that can naturally boost your body heat. When you’re ordering in, look for dishes with cayenne pepper, peanuts, brown rice, potato, pumpkin, asparagus, garlic, and of course, chilli. There’s always wine, too. Nothing like a scientifically proven excuse to drink wine in winter.

Where to get Indian from some top rated restaurants in each state
NSW: Grace of India, 16 Ennis Road, Milsons Point (4.25/5 stars)
Vic: Punjabi Curry Café, 87 Johnston Street, Collingwood (4.25/5 stars)
ACT: 7 Village Indian Restaurant, 75/2 Cape Street, Dickson (4.25/5 stars)
Qld: Spice of India, 3/385 Gympie Road, Kedron (4.25/5 stars)
SA: Beyond India, 170 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide (4.25/5 stars)
WA: Metro Indian Restaurant, 6/420 Hay St, Subiaco (4.25/5 stars)


Warm up your plates.
One of the easiest winter home hacks it to warm up your plates. Pop them in the oven or get them fresh out of the dishwasher and they’ll be radiating warmth. It’s much better than wearing gloves inside, plus, it keeps your bowl of pasta nice and warm so you’ll be able to slurp your spaghetti strands slowly without worrying about it going cold.

Where do get pasta from some top rated restaurants in each state
NSW: Mancini’s Italian Restaurant, 21 Burwood Road, Belfield (4.25/5 stars)
Vic: La Casareccia, 653 High St, Thornbury (3.5/5 stars)
ACT: Villa Olivo, 62 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan (4/5 stars)
Qld: Bella Napoli, Shop 7, 23 Commercial Dr, Springfield (4.75/5 stars)
SA: Pamplona Pizza Pasta Fine Foods, Shop 6, 47-49 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth (4.75/5 stars)
WA: Mondo Fresco – North Perth, 7-9 Scarborough Beach Rd, North Perth (4.25/5 stars)


Layer up – onion style.
So you’ve heard of onesies, and probably even twosies, but have you heard of a scoodie? A scoodie is a scarf and hoodie and usually has the added bonus of pockets to keep your fingers (and phone) warm. Once you have that sorted, you’ll just need a balaclava for your nose because it probably feels like ice. Just be sure to warn your delivery driver in the comments section when you place your food delivery order for the night.

Where to get one
Your wardrobe – we can’t organise that for you, yet.

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