Interview: Steve Willis

Steve Willis, also known as Commando Steve, is one of the expert trainers on The Biggest Loser and has been involved for 6 seasons. He also wanted to reach a much wider audience with his expertise and is offering everyone a get fit tool with his online GetCommandoFit fitness programs. We were able to find out a little bit more about the program, and get some tips from Steve.

Hi Steve and welcome to Beauty and Lace, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
Firstly can you tell us a bit about your background and your qualifications?

I grew up in QLD, joined the Army at 18 and spent the next decade serving in the 2nd Commando Regiment. I left the Army in 2004 and have spent the past decade helping people transform their lives in many different ways, from the Biggest Loser to elite athletes.

GetCommandoFit is nearly set to start again, can you tell us a little about the mission and the new workout program Get Active?

Each GCF mission is different in exercise prescription, we have our core movements but we are constantly mixing things up to create variety and keep people second guessing. Get Active is for those wanting to regain their health and fitness and improve their quality of life, the emphasis of Get Active is to lockdown the nutritional side of things and work on reintroducing functionality into a persons life.

What do you think is the most important step on a successful weight loss journey?

Having a clear understanding of what you’re setting out to achieve and realising that for there to be change it’s got to come from within, no one else can do it for you.

Can you give our readers your top tips for staying motivated?

Know what it is you want to achieve
Have a plan, map it out.
Preparation, do what it takes to ensure things run smoothly, otherwise you will give up.
Execution, take the first step and don’t look back.


We all know juggling work and family can get hectic so what do you suggest for those who have little time to dedicate to an exercise regime?

It has to become a part of your life, who you are. Plan when you are going to train and plan when you are going to prepare meals. It will take time to create change and enforce positive habits, but it is totally worth every ounce of blood sweat and tears.

Eating is a big part of a healthy lifestyle and all the exercise will come to nothing in a bad diet. What do you think is the most common diet mistake people make?

Not understanding the what and why behind eating a healthy diet, you need to educate yourself. GetCommandoFit provides each recruit with the knowledge and understanding to ensure they reach their goals. There is a huge nutrition library with videos and articles so you can learn why we prescribe the style of eating we do and our Nutritionist and Chef are on hand to answer any questions in the forums.

What high impact tips can you leave us with when we start thinking about changing our diets?

It’s going to be hard, if you really want it you’ll see it through. Remember every time things get hard, the pain of discipline far out weighs the pain of regret. You will stumble, it’s inevitable, but it’s not an excuse to throw in the towel, breaking and changing habits take time.

For more information about the GetCommando Fit program please head to the website HERE.

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